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Private Pilot Rene Suprise Congratulations

Private Pilot Rene Suprise Congratulations

Congratulations Rene Suprise HOGS Member that traveled all the way from Texas to finish his Private Rating with us! He used videos to cement his knowledge before traveling to see us! He also used our Amazon No. 1 Best Seller “Top Ten Check Ride Tips” to mentally prepare for the ride! He appeared with us during a live event honoring 2018 Flight Instructor Of The Year Dan “Taz” Christman who co-authored the new book with Kenny Keller!

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Private Pilot Rene Suprise Congratulations

Rene joined Helicopter Online Ground School when our YouTube videos inspired him to start working on his helicopter rating again.

Rene was almost checkride ready in 2012 and let it go. After joining Helicopter Online Ground School, he was ready to come do "one on one" check ride prep at Plymouth Municipal Airport. He spent nearly two weeks at C65 with Chief Pilot Gary Cleveland and finally got his checkride out of the way.

He did so well, the examiner went out of his way to call and comment on how well he had done! When we send students to the examiner and they perform like that, it shows the examiner that we only send him qualified applicants.

Rene has already upgraded to the Commercial Pilot membership and is working hard to make his dream come true. He will soon be purchasing an R44 to build his PIC time in for the rating.

Free audio lessons, just click the Podomatic button below:

Private Pilot Rene Suprise Congratulations

Let Helicopter Online Ground School help you with all of your ratings! We have four FAA certified courses, Private PilotCommercial PilotInstrument Pilot, and Certified Flight Instructor. We have a bundle pack called Professional Pilot Lifetime Membership, which includes all this for life.

Any course completion will automatically award WINGS phase credits and you are on your way to satisfying the flight review requirement.

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Private Pilot Rene Suprise Congratulations