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WE MOVED A "Helicopter Flight School In A Box"

Hey, it's Kenny with Helicopter Online Ground School, and we're going to share some video footage and pictures of H269 number two. We have now successfully moved helicopter flight school in a box. That's what Jason Cutter calls it, Dr. Jason cutter that is, from Venture Helicopters. Jason is one of our hogs super fans. He's up on the Hogs Wall of Fame four times, and as the story continues now behind the Hogs Wall of Fame is H269 helicopter number two, one of two that Jason purchased with his company Venture Helicopters.



So we've successfully moved in the last week, what he calls, flight school in a box. Jason purchased two H269 helicopters. Both of them rebuilt from the ground up in 2008. With the H269 helicopters is a parts inventory, which is one reason that I recommended Jason go for this deal. He's been looking for a helicopter for around a year, trying to put together a deal and you know how business go, sometimes things work and sometimes they don't work.  When Jason came across this one, I was very hesitant in the beginning, making sure he understands the time and effort, money and insurance, maintenance and all the problems that go along with ownership.

However, when he came along with this one idea, I said, "Jason, I think this is one that you probably should jump on." If you're really wanting an aircraft. Here's an opportunity where two helicopters owned by the same individual for a long time who had accumulated parts over the years. And I said, "You know what, Jason, that sounds like a pretty darn good deal." He got a great value. The owner has a lot going on with his current company with a lot of turbine aircraft and this just wasn't something that he really wanted to do anymore. So he shot Jason a good price to just move the whole package and we helped Jason out. We got a rental truck and went up the first go around and got all of the parts inventory, which again is something very valuable in trying to operate a helicopter flight school.

When you have an inventory of parts you can go to and you need to have something replaced, it's a huge advantage.  When you're operating an aircraft, aircraft breaks, you go out of service, half the time you're ordering parts and you're waiting on parts. So to be able to go directly to a parts inventory and get your aircraft back in service, that's huge. That helps you keep things moving forward. I encouraged Jason to go ahead and go forward with this deal because I thought it was great.

In the beginning, he's like, well, I don't have room for two helicopters and all the parts, and I said, "Jason, let's work something out together." Helicopter number one is now in service and flying down at Frankfurt Municipal Airport with Jason and his company Venture Helicopters. You can visit Jason's website at I'll put that link in the description box below if you want to go direct to his website. He is currently flying in central Indiana and flying with students.

He had a whole lot of students waiting, a whole ton of discovery flights lined up. So even though he's got people flying, he's got room for more, and aircraft number two is going to be based with us here at Helicopter Online Ground School. We're going to house the parts for him. Luckily, we have two mechanics close by qualified, that we trust. So what's cool is the aircraft is always near the parts and near our maintenance guys. If Jason needs an inspection, he can fly up, drop it off, pick up the other H269 and head back down and continue to fly with his students.

And we may also work on a deal where he sends his students up here for check rides because there's an examiner really, really close. So it may work out where he can keep flying, send people up here for their check rides, again, because examiner's close by and there's just a lot of areas there where it's going to work out really well for us. We'll be able to always have aircraft number two, whichever one's here, ready to go. At any time, we could swap them out, and then the aircraft that's here is going to be available for us to use to fly with our Helicopter Online Ground School members. So we'll get details on that on our website at I'll put that down below, that link too.

We're not going to post anything or schedule any flights until this thing's up and running. We're going to install a fresh engine. It's over here on the side, ready to go in, brand new, zero time, rotor blades are in the back and all the necessary parts and pieces are ready to go as well. So we're going to get this aircraft put together, do the test flight, break the engine in, get it all ready to go. I'm going to go out and freshen myself up. I'm going to bring Chris Houser down because he has some recent time in the H269. I haven't flown one in awhile. I've got about 300 hours in them back early in my career. So I'm going to have Chris go out and freshen me up a little bit.

So again, if you're interested in flying an H269 helicopter, you'll have the opportunity down at Frankfurt Municipal Airport with Jason Cutter. His website will be down below and I'll put a link for Helicopter Online Ground School below as well. Helicopter Online Ground School, we have multiple online ground school packages and we have a 30 day money back, no hassle guarantee on all of our training. We've been online almost 10 years now and we stand behind that 30 day money back ironclad guarantee.

We're always running some kind of special. So depending on when you watch this video, you can always go to to see what our special of the month is, but we've always got something cool going on. I'm going to wrap this up as we gear up to get aircraft number two back in service. So if you have any questions, leave us a comment down below and we'll see you in the next video.