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"Hello HOGS!

I recently passed my checkride on the 19th for my Helicopter Private Pilot Add-On! I give all due credit to my outstanding flight instructors here at Veracity Aviation at Pearland Regional (KLVJ) in TX, as well as the excellent videos from my subscription to HOGS.

"I benefitted from Kenny’s Top Ten Checkride Tips, and the HOGS Private Pilot Study Guide I recently received and read from cover to cover leading up to my checkride. Thank you!!"

Top Ten Check Ride Tips

From  National Flight Instructor Of The Dan "Taz" Christman and creator of Helicopter Online Ground School, LLC.  Kenny Keller. 

We took our 45 years of combined experience observing hundreds student check rides. We also polled multiple examiners on the top struggles they observe with applicants on recent check rides!

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Dedicated to all those that suffer from the hype created about the dreaded, Helicopter Check Ride!

Apply Yourself

You need to apply yourself, remember that we learn through repetition, go over the content repeatedly!

From Our Experience

Use our Top Ten Helicopter Check Ride Tips to keep yourself calm, you will do just fine!


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