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Tipping the FATAL Helicopter IIMC Accident Rate Back Towards Survival

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Rex Alexander

40 year aviator, President of Five Alpha LLC., Many years of experience in the commercial helicopter industry, helicopter emergency medical services, and prior U.S. Army helicopter pilot.

Lewis Vondy

39 year aviator, currently employed with Air Methods Corporation, one of the largest helicopter emergency medical services. Lead Check Airman in the AS365, Lead Instructor in Single Pilot IFR (SPIFR), and a Check Airman in the EC135. Prior U.S. Army helicopter pilot.

Kenny Keller

Kenny Keller, an experienced EMS pilot and creator of Helicopter Online Ground School, brings together two experts in one presentation for you. Kenny has authored 7 aviation related books and is an Amazon #1 best seller. His way of giving back to the helicopter industry.

Gary Cleveland

Chief Pilot at Helicopter Online Ground School. Served in the U.S.A.F. and locally as a law enforcement officer for 30 years. In 2017 he retired and went full time as a helicopter instructor, working daily now with his aviation mentor, Kenny Keller

The Facts

NTSB statistics show that helicopter pilots who fly VFR into IMC conditions only have a 14% chance of surviving the event. This webinar is designed to help helicopter pilots tip this 86% fatal accident rate back in their favor.

Two very knowledgeable aviators tag team a sensitive topic that has plagued the industry as one of the leading causes of loss of control accidents. Rex Alexander and Lewis Vondy have 81 years of combined aviation experience and have teamed up with Kenny Keller and Helicopter Online Ground School for this important event.

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