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Juan E. Torruella

"The content you provide, optimistic attitude, and your passion for flying is inspirational."

Vernon Davenport

"Thank you for all of the amazing content and support helping all us aspiring pilots reach our goal."

Cameron Gordon

"Thank you guys for the knowledge. Your lessons were succinct, entertaining, and very informative. ."

Jason Arelleno

"You guys have been there for my Private, Commercial, and now CFI. I’ll always be a fan!"

Michael Worth

"I am also a H.O.G.S. member (Professional Pilot) H.O.G.S. reinforced the knowledge that my instructors taught me"

Margaret Link

"I went into my check-ride over-prepared after having studied with HOGS for the past couple of months"

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"Our Helicopter Training is known around the world"

Flying helicopters can truly be an amazing and rewarding experience, however it can be very difficult to learn for the average person.  Helicopter Online Ground School, LLC. has found 25% of the work is actually learning to fly the helicopter and 75% of the work is learning all the knowledge.

My name is Kenny Keller and I'm the creator of Helicopter Online Ground School, LLC. This adventure started 10 years ago with an IDEA and a borrowed flip video camera.  My helicopter training system is known around the world and we take great pride in helping people get past the overwhelm of becoming a rated helicopter pilot.

Our members come from all walks of life, various countries, and most of them admit to having some kind of a struggle with the ground knowledge.  We constantly receive thank you emails from our members for helping them get over the hurdle of passing a knowledge test or passing a Helicopter Check-Ride.

When our members pass their check-ride we highlight them on the HOGS Wall of Fame!

We're proud to update that HOGS wall every week with new member helicopter check-ride pictures and we want to get YOU up on that wall as well.

We occasionally have a HOGS member stop by our headquarters and sign their picture for the wall when they're traveling through the area.  Additionally, when YOU pass your check-ride and send us your picture, we will send you the HOGS NO GO button.

We've built the HOGS Weather Decision NO GO Button to help curb a problem in the industry of pilots flying into bad weather and losing their lives.  HOGS is really pushing new helicopter pilots to make good weather decisions early in their flying career.  When you make that decision to stay on the ground due to the weather, you simply hit the button and hear “live to fly another day”.

For our monthly memberships, we have a “keep as long as you like, cancel anytime policy”.  We also have a 24-hour test flight on our monthly memberships.  Simply go in and look at the entire course for 24 hours and be billed nothing.  Within the 24 hours, if you decide the training is not right for you, you can easily self-cancel.

To self-cancel, simply go to the settings and if you paid with a credit card, just hit cancel subscription. Or if you signed up with PayPal, you just simply go to your PayPal account and end the subscription. Keep in mind you're always welcome to come back anytime.  You have the choice to keep the training, go month-to-month, keep as long as you like, or cancel any time.

If you need help with anything, Heather Hite is our member concierge. She is there to take care of you and answer your questions. When you sign up for the course, she'll send a nice welcome email to make sure you were able to login successfully.  Heather is also in charge of shipping my Amazon number one bestsellers, Top Ten Checkride Tips, and Helicopter Check-Ride.  She also ships our HOGS gear and our HOGS No Go button.

Heather can answer any questions you have about your membership.  Feel free to email her at [email protected] or choose to text or call her at (574) 767-1797.

Then for your more advanced questions, we have something special for new members and existing members. Included with your membership is a consultation with operations manager, Brian Rutledge. Brian is a 30-year aviator, a certified flight instructor in both airplanes and helicopters. Heather can set you up for a simple Zoom call with Brian where he can answer those more advanced questions about flight training, ground knowledge, and anything regarding airplane and helicopter training.

Brian flew for one of the largest law enforcement agencies in Northern California before he decided to retire and go to work with us here at Helicopter Online Ground School, LLC. full-time.  Brian has a vast base of knowledge, especially with those questions involving airplane versus helicopter. Every week, we're producing either brand new videos, replacing older videos and completing general updates to the courses because of your feedback.

HOGS success during the last 10 years is due to our member feedback.  We use this feedback to continually, on a weekly basis, improve our courses.

We encourage you to take the 24-hour test flight, and if you like what you see you can start working through the training step-by-step. Our members that do the best on check-rides tell us they go through every single video in the course at least once and then they go back and review any areas as needed.

If you have watched the video you've seen a great big wall behind us full of pictures of members check-ride successes.  Our members will not steer you wrong. As you're working through the courses, you can put your questions below each video.

Brian checks those daily to make sure that he gets you an  answer to your question. And to top it off, all of our courses come with a 30-day iron-clad, no-hassle money-back guarantee. So there's no risk to you.

The burden is on US to provide YOU the value. So we encourage you to get started working through the course step-by-step and let us know if you have any questions. We'll see you on the inside of Helicopter Online Ground School, LLC..


Kenny Keller

Creator Helicopter Online Ground School, LLC.

The HOGS Member Wall Of Fame!

We want to get YOU up on that wall!


Thank You To Our HOGS Members!