The Final Approach Course


As the creator of HOGS, I am excited to offer The Final Approach option to our members. We already have a highly successful online ground school, but adding this finishing course to the mix will allow us to provide a more comprehensive training experience.


Kenny Keller, Creator Helicopter Online Ground School, LLC




Final Approach Course #1

Todd Ketterman traveled from Florida to finish up his commercial rating. Todd did great and is returning soon to complete his Certified Flight Instructor Rating again with our Final Approach Course!


Final Approach Course #2

Cameron traveled to HOGS from Florida to finish up his initial Private Pilot Rating! Cameron had all the requirements done and just needed the finishing touches to bring his dream to reality!


Final Approach Course #3

Robert called and wanted to know if we could fit him in right away for an initial CFI rating. I told him to get in the car and start driving. All the way from New Mexico! Shortly thereafter, he was headed back home as a Brand New Certified Flight Instructor!


Final Approach Course #4

Rich is a retired airline pilot with 26,000 hours that wanted to to a Helicopter CFI Add On! Rich traveled from Maine and had a great checkride! The examiner stated Rich had excellent tools and was well prepared!


Final Approach Course #5

Jon Kiev is a Robinson R-44 owner from Houston Texas that wanted to add Helicopter to his existing Certified Flight Instructor Certificate! We had a blast flying with Jon and he had a great checkride!


Final Approach Course #6

Steven Carlson a long time Helicopter Online Ground School Member traveled from Florida to finish up his initial Private Pilot Rating. Steven had a ton of experience from a previous helicopter tour he did traveling around the United States!

Final Approach Course #7

FAC #7 complete! All the way from Oregon for CFI Add On! Congratulations HOGS member Jay now a dual rated Certified Flight Instructor in Airplanes and Helicopters! We can help you finish YOUR rating with the Helicopter Online Ground School's Final Approach Course!


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Text or call Heather with HOGS Member Support at 574-767-1797 to see if you qualify for the Helicopter Online Ground School Final Approach Course! Even better book a call at We specialize in finishing you up!


Are you tired of struggling to complete your helicopter rating and pass the FAA practical test? Look no further! We understand the challenges that aspiring helicopter pilots face, which is why we're thrilled to introduce you to the Helicopter Online Ground School's (HOGS) Final Approach Course – the ultimate solution to help you achieve your dream of becoming a certified helicopter pilot.

It's no secret that people all around the country encounter difficulties while pursuing their helicopter rating.  That's why we're excited to tell you about Kenny Keller, a seasoned aviation expert who has created a one-of-a-kind experience to help you conquer this challenge and secure your certification.

At HOGS, we're dedicated to providing a customized and tailored experience that truly sets us apart. We believe in quality over quantity, which is why we offer an exclusive opportunity for just one student at a time. When you join our Final Approach Course, the schedule revolves around you – no more juggling with multiple students' agendas. Your progress is our sole focus, ensuring you receive undivided attention throughout your time with us.

Imagine having a dedicated instructor solely committed to your success. With HOGS, this becomes a reality. Our program is meticulously designed to provide you with personalized guidance, intensive training, and hands-on practice to master the final approach phase. You'll have ample opportunity to refine your skills, practice under realistic simulations, and gain the confidence you need to ace the FAA practical test.

Don't let the struggles of the past hold you back from achieving your dream of becoming a helicopter pilot. Join us at HOGS and experience the difference firsthand. We're here to support you every step of the way, ensuring you're fully equipped to conquer the final approach phase and soar towards your certification.

Secure your spot today and embark on a journey that will redefine your aviation career. Get in touch with us to learn more about how HOGS' Final Approach Course can help you succeed beyond your expectations.


The HOGS Team