Maximum Performance Takeoff Dec 03, 2020


Hey it's Brian Rutledge Operations Manager of Helicopter Online Ground School, LLC. Today I want to talk about the Maximum Performance Takeoff

We are highlighting our Brand New Videos in the Helicopter Basic and Advanced Maneuvers sections which were recently added to our training courses inside Helicopter Online Ground School, LLC

The maximum performance takeoff is a maneuver used by helicopter pilots to transition from the surface to a maximum performance climb, enabling the pilot to clear an obstruction safely.  If a normal takeoff and climb can be performed, this is always best.  But if not, then the max-performance takeoff is an option.

The maneuver can be accomplished a few different ways, but it is always best to choose the procedure that will only have you in the height velocity diagram shaded area the least amount of time as...

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#229 Social Media Helicopter Maneuvers, don't confuse skill vs showing off.. Sep 25, 2019

Social Media Helicopter Maneuvers, don't confuse skill vs showing off..

Welcome to day 229 Coffee with Kenny! Today I want to talk a little bit about Social Media take offs and unsafe maneuvers in helicopter piloting. These days in the social media video world, you're seeing a lot of fancy unsafe take offs and pilots showing off. You need to understand that this is not a proper helicopter take off, nor is it safe and it is not what we do in the real world. Helicopters are not designed to do those maneuvers. You have to check systems once you pull up!

Let us know your experiences after the video! We love your feedback!



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