#278 Private Pilot Ground Questions - where to start?! Dec 08, 2019

#278 Private Pilot Ground Questions - where to start?!

Day 278 Coffee with Kenny! Today I am home on a Saturday and just going to take the time to answer some questions that have been coming in. Many students get overwhelmed and don't really know where to start in the aviation field. I recommend starting with the Private Pilot. Hands down that is where I think you should start! Get started there and get going with some flight time, and then go from there if you want your instrument, commercial, or CFI. 

Everybody learns in a different way, many ask how long it will take, that's whey we try to keep our videos short, you have progress tracking, go at your own pace, pay monthly, it really just depends where you're at in life and how much time you have to devote to training.

Leave us your feedback and questions! #coffeewithkenny


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