#291 Fixed Wing time, would you think that would help? Dec 21, 2019

#291 Fixed Wing time, would you think that would help?

Day 291 Coffee with Kenny! This might be the fastest Coffee with Kenny yet, but today I will be answering a question from a ground school member Logan, he is going to a Part 141 flight school funded by the GI bill. He asks, when companies are hiring, will they except fixed wing hours as well as rotor hours? I say absolutely Logan, it is all good and if you are wanting to do it, and you can afford it, go for it, it may very well help in the career that you are going for!

Leave us your thoughts and questions below! #coffeewithkenny

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#278 Private Pilot Ground Questions - where to start?! Dec 08, 2019

#278 Private Pilot Ground Questions - where to start?!

Day 278 Coffee with Kenny! Today I am home on a Saturday and just going to take the time to answer some questions that have been coming in. Many students get overwhelmed and don't really know where to start in the aviation field. I recommend starting with the Private Pilot. Hands down that is where I think you should start! Get started there and get going with some flight time, and then go from there if you want your instrument, commercial, or CFI. 

Everybody learns in a different way, many ask how long it will take, that's whey we try to keep our videos short, you have progress tracking, go at your own pace, pay monthly, it really just depends where you're at in life and how much time you have to devote to training.

Leave us your feedback and questions! #coffeewithkenny


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#275 "adamant to get this thing airborne no matter what" - Coffee With Kenny Dec 05, 2019

#275 "adamant to get this thing airborne no matter what" - Coffee With Kenny!

Day 275 Coffee with Kenny! First I'd like to start out by introducing some of our guest instructors that are up on our HOGS Wall of Fame! They have all helped in some training presentation videos! They are all a very important part of our training and most started out getting their ratings with us!

On to the accident review today, I'll show you the video and point out some things that we can learn from. There are questionable things happening in this video before the rotor blades even begin! Then after the aircraft is started, you can see oil and smoke coming out of it, which at that point would have been my cue to shut it down! Then on to the ground resonance! Let's watch together and please leave your questions and comments below!

Thanks for the support! #coffeewithkenny



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