#246 Brand New Weather Coming Courtesy Nationally Awarded Instructor Nov 02, 2019

#246 Brand New Weather Coming Courtesy Nationally Awarded Instructor!

Hello and welcome to day 246 Coffee with Kenny! We have been putting together all new studio equipment and it is looking great, we are loving it! Today I wanted to update you a little bit about our in site training. We are getting an all new weather section inside the site coming soon, taught by our personal friend and 2018 Flight instructor of the year, Dan "Taz" Christman! We are super excited about this, me especially because weather isn't one of my favorite things to teach. Dan loves it!

So make sure to stay tuned for all HOGS updates! Leave us your questions and comments below!




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#244 HOGS Week in review | Coffee With Kenny Oct 31, 2019

Helicopter Online Ground's Free 24 Hour Test Flight!

Are your working on your Private, Commercial, Instrument or CFI helicopter rating? Ar you feeling overwhelmed with everything you need to learn? I know how you feel, and that is why I started Helicopter Online Ground School! I failed my first check ride, and I know what it takes to pass! We have a 24 hour test flight here so there is no being billed for a full 24 hours! You decide whether the training is right for you! Go at your own pace! 

Leave us your questions and comments below, we love your feedback!




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#241 Which Helicopter is best for Flight Training? Oct 24, 2019

#241 Which Helicopter is best for Flight Training?

Today I am answering a question from a member who asks if there is a preference in which helicopter a student trains in. I did an interview at Heli Expo with Tim Tucker and I think you'll be surprised with his answer! I'm going to roll that video for you, it was really an honor for me to do this interview. He gives some excellent information and draws from his experience in training, and mentions the most important thing being the school and instructor that you're using.

So leave us your comments and questions after the video, we love hearing your stories! #coffeewithkenny

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