Struggling To Prepare For The Private Pilot Check Ride?

Test your knowledge with the HOGS Private Pilot Study Guide.


I FAILED my first Private Pilot Check Ride?

The reason I failed? I didn't have a solid understanding of the ground knowledge. Don't let this happen to YOU!


You Can ACE the Helicopter Check Ride!

Use the HOGS Private Pilot Study Guide to test  your knowledge on:

A. Certificates & Documents 42 Questions

B. Airworthiness Requirements 23 Questions

C. Weather Information 72 Questions

D. Cross Country Planning 35 Questions

E. Airspace 74 Questions

F. Performance & Limitations 40 Questions

G. Operation Of Systems 43 Questions 

H. Aeromedical Factors 57 Questions

BONUS: General Aerodynamics 65 Questions

Total 451 Questions in 9 Chapters


"The dream of becoming a certificated Helicopter Private Pilot is a dream many people have had since the beginning of aviation. Dreaming is the easy part but earning the coveted private pilot certificate will require a lot of work on your part and it is worth it. I created this private pilot study guide for everyone who has the dream of becoming a pilot. I struggled with all the ground knowledge and always wondered why there wasn't some in-depth study guide for helicopter training. Sure, you can find some material out there if you search hard enough, but I wanted something no one else had. This manual is designed to help you test your knowledge and give you an idea of a variety of questions you might be asked by your instructor and the examiner."


Author, Brian Rutledge

Operations Manager

Helicopter Online Ground School, LLC



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