Hours Needed for Professional Flying Job Dec 08, 2022



Hi everyone, today Kenny goes over the requirements needed for the different levels of ratings and Professional Pilot Careers. There are many directions to go once you are ready to start your Professional career and it can get confusing if you're not sure where to start looking. Today we will take a look at these requirements and hours needed to get you going!

Need extra help as you maneuver along your ratings? Utilize our Private Pilot Study Guide along with our course! Written by our 30 year aviator expert, this study guide is full of what you need to know to ace your checkride! Try our chapter 1 for FREE! Or purchase the spiral bound copy today! Check out the link below!

Private Pilot Study Guide

Another great thing about the Study Guide is that you can benefit from it...

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FLIGHT TRAINING: Eligible VA Benefits Sep 04, 2022

Kenny with Helicopter Online Ground School, LLC talks with Todd Smith, Director of Aviation Programs at Madisonville Community College. Todd explains many of the many available benefits of attending Flight Training through college courses!


Kenny Keller:
Kenny with Helicopter Online Ground School here with Todd Smith, Director of Aviation Programs at Madisonville Community College

I'm going to get to it with Todd. He's going to explain to you the benefits of attending a college program for helicopter flight training. Students here at Madisonville Community College are using HOGS to supplement their classroom and flight training. I was invited down here, I'm having a great time, and thank you for inviting me down here.





Todd Smith:

Well, thank you Kenny. It's a pleasure to have you here with us. You're correct, our students are using HOGS products...

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"Our Helicopter Training System Is Known Around The World" Apr 14, 2021

Flying helicopters can truly be an amazing and rewarding experience, however it can be very difficult to learn for the average person.  Helicopter Online Ground School, LLC. has found 25% of the work is actually learning to fly the helicopter and 75% of the work is learning all the knowledge.

My name is Kenny Keller and I'm the creator of Helicopter Online Ground School, LLC. This adventure started 10 years ago with an IDEA and a borrowed flip video camera.  My helicopter training system is known around the world and we take great pride in helping people get past the overwhelm of becoming a rated helicopter pilot.

Our members come from all walks of life, various countries, and most of them admit to having some kind of a struggle with the ground knowledge.  We constantly receive thank you emails from our members for helping them get over the hurdle of passing a...

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