Hours Needed for Professional Flying Job Dec 08, 2022



Hi everyone, today Kenny goes over the requirements needed for the different levels of ratings and Professional Pilot Careers. There are many directions to go once you are ready to start your Professional career and it can get confusing if you're not sure where to start looking. Today we will take a look at these requirements and hours needed to get you going!

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Private Pilot Study Guide

Another great thing about the Study Guide is that you can benefit from it...

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#288 The Path to Professional Helicopter Pilot! Dec 18, 2019

#288 The Path to Professional Helicopter Pilot!

Welcome to day 288 Coffee with Kenny! We have an awesome question today from a young lady in high school. She lives in Ohio and still goes to school, but wants to know what steps she needs to take in order to get her career going, and what if any college she needs. So to start answering, I will state that a lot of jobs in the helicopter field do not require any degree, however, I would say some kind of aviation degree or specific degree depending on what kind of pilot that you want to be.

So, let's cover the rest of her questions in this video and leave your questions and comments below! Thanks for your support!



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