THANK YOU VETERANS I R-44 Ferry Flight I thank you veterans i r-44 ferry flight i May 01, 2018

Take a break from helicopter training for ten minutes and pay these veterans some respect. How awesome that our flight was delayed and we was able to see this honor flight loading at Indianapolis Indiana Airport!

Yes I teared up shooting this video, editing this video, and every time I...

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Loss of Tail Rotor Effectiveness helicopter online ground school live training live training tuesday loss of tail rotor effectiveness Apr 26, 2018

Loss of Tail Rotor Effectiveness

LTE is a critical; low-speed aerodynamic
flight characteristic which can result in an
uncommanded rapid yaw rate which does not subside
of its own accord and, if not corrected, can result
in the loss of aircraft control.

LTE is not related to a maintenance...

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Low Rotor RPM Recovery in a Helicopter helicopter training low rotor rpm Apr 25, 2018

Low Rotor RPM Recovery in a Helicopter

Low RPM is recognized by:

A noticeable decrease in engine and rotor noise
A slight vibration and cyclic stick shake at higher speeds
The activation of the low rotor RPM warning light and horn system
Also a yaw to left and slight descent of helicopter
There is a...

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