Joel Smith-New Private Pilot! Jan 11, 2021
"Heather, Kenny, and Brian,
It's been a wild journey but I finally completed my PPL requirements and passed my checkride on WED, 6 JAN 21.  I laugh everytime I hear Kenny talk about the typical Helicopter Pilot (Student) because I too am a retired Police Officer.  I am retired...
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Tipping the FATAL Helicopter IIMC Accident Rate Back Towards Survival helicopter online ground school iimc instrument pilot online course Dec 06, 2020


Lewis Vondy is a 39 year aviator, currently employed with Air Methods Corporation, one of the largest helicopter emergency medical services. Lead Check Airman in the AS365, Lead Instructor in Single Pilot IFR (SPIFR), and a Check Airman in the EC135. Prior U.S. Army...

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Commercial Pilot Helicopter Online Ground School commercial helicopter pilot helicopter online ground school testimonials Dec 05, 2020

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