Low Rotor RPM Recovery in a Helicopter helicopter training low rotor rpm Apr 25, 2018

Low Rotor RPM Recovery in a Helicopter

Low RPM is recognized by:

A noticeable decrease in engine and rotor noise
A slight vibration and cyclic stick shake at higher speeds
The activation of the low rotor RPM warning light and horn system
Also a yaw to left and slight descent of helicopter
There is a...

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Tail Rotor Failures helicopter training tail rotor failures Apr 24, 2018

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Tail Rotor Failures

One of the examiners we use for helicopter check rides asked us to make a video on loss of tail rotor thrust...

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Helicopter Autorotation Tips 180 autorotation autorotation flight training helicopter flight training Apr 21, 2018

Helicopter Autorotation Tips

There are a few tips that will help your with autorotations. Everyone struggles with the same things.

Set it up nice, and it will be nice.

There is no need to chase the RPM and Speed all the way down if you get it set up nice.

180 autorotations can be introduced by...

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