#234 "Dreams, Accomplishments, Blood, Sweat and Tears"

Oct 03, 2019

#234 "Dreams, Accomplishments, Blood, Sweat and Tears"

Day 234 Coffee with Kenny! I got this thing a viewer said when I didn't respond promptly. He said "oh you must be to busy hanging pictures". So of course we weren't sure how to respond to that but we are extremely proud of our Wall of Fame. These photos that we hang are more than a photo. They are people's blood sweat and tears! It represents the struggles and sacrifices that they make to make their helicopter pilot dreams come true!

That is why we take pride in hanging your pictures up! Since this video first posted, the person sent us a really nice email letting us know he didn't mean it that way and he actually wrote a sincere testimonial about HOGS, so we appreciated that!

Thanks so much for your support! Leave your comments and questions below!