#258 Helicopter Ownership - the cost: EXPENSIVE

#258 coffee with kenny commercial pilot cost of flying helicopters helicopter cost helicopter flight training helicopter ground schools helicopter ownership private pilot Nov 20, 2019

#258 Helicopter Ownership - the cost: EXPENSIVE

Day 258 Coffee with Kenny! Today I will be short and to the point about a ground school member who asked about helicopter ownership. He asked if it would cut some costs if he trained in a helicopter that he bought and then hired his own private CFI. It is extremely expensive to own and maintain your own helicopter, so this option doesn't even make sense. Its is not cost effective in my opinion. I would make sure you do your research and call your insurance company. I think you will very quickly find out that there is a substantial amount of money needed yearly.

So, I think under most circumstances, you are better off renting. If you have the money and aren't worried about it, then ok. Leave us your comments below!



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