#281 Guimbal Cabri G2 Intro Flight - The Student Has Become The Teacher

#281 coffee with kenny guimbal cabri g2 helicopter flight lessons helicopter flight schools helicopter intro flights helicopter student online helicopter schools Dec 11, 2019

#281 Guimbal Cabri G2 Intro Flight - The Student Has Become The Teacher..

Welcome to day 281 Coffee with Kenny! We are with a great guy and personal friend today whom got his ratings with us, Chris Houser! A HOGS guest instructor and student turned teacher himself in the Guimbal Cabri at Sweet Aviation in Fort Wayne, IN! We have a cool video for you today and Chris explains some about the aircraft and how it differs from others.

I am ready to get some more time in the Guimbal myself after one hour in it today! If you want to transition make sure you're getting some dual time and instructor time! Thanks for your support, leave your comments below!




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