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Commercial Helicopter Pilot Christian Palmaz Congratulations

Commercial Helicopter Pilot Christian Palmaz Congratulations

"Hey Kenny,

Just thought I’d send a note saying thank you. Today I passed my Commercial Check Ride. I used your online ground school as a summary tool to help polish for the oral exam. I used Sheppard Air for the written exam prep and scored a 97%. All in all I was well prepared. I’d like to suggest that you do a course for the instrument. When I got my instrument helicopter, all of the practical test prep out there is so fixed wing specific. Keep it up!"

Thank you!
Christian Palmaz @ KAPC

We do now have a new Instrument Course

Commercial Helicopter Pilot Christian Palmaz Congratulations

The Commercial Pilot Check Ride will have the same manuevers and oral questioning as the Private Pilot Check Ride. You have to perform the manuevers to a higher standard for commercial and know the knowledge to a commercial standard as well. Look to the Commercial Helicopter PTS for the tolerances.

What is stopping you from pursuing your dream of becoming a Commercial Helicopter Pilot? Helicopter Online Ground School has an FAA certified video course to save you potentially thousands on the ground school. Watch at your own convenience. Pause and replay as many times as you like. The first 24hrs is free with no blocks to keep you from watching complete videos or the entire course if you want! 

Check it out here

We have accumulated a large number of member success stories and are building a "Wall of Fame" in our studio. Many times we have members from all over the World stop in or come train with us at Plymouth Municipal Airport. Our Wall of Fame will be a nice touch to show off. 

If you are a member and have achieved a rating, send in a picture of yourself by the helicopter and let us know what rating you have.

Commercial Helicopter Pilot Christian Palmaz Congratulations