Commercial Helicopter Pilot Cole Norton Congratulations

Nov 15, 2018

Commercial Helicopter Pilot Cole Norton Congratulations

Cole joined the Commercial Pilot Monthly course for only 2 months and knocked out his commercial helicopter rating!

Just goes to show what is possible when a person really digs in and applies them self. 


Helicopter Online Ground School was founded by Kenny Keller in 2012. Kenny Keller has authored 7 books that have been a huge help to the aviation community. Check them out here by clicking these words: Amazon #1 best seller Kenny Keller

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Commercial Helicopter Pilot Cole Norton Congratulations

Cole is going on the HOGS Wall of Fame and you could to!

Our online video courses include Private Pilot, Commercial Pilot, Certified Flight Instructor, and Instrument Pilot. Kenny recognized a lack of quality ground training within the industry and has created a video learning platform to compliment any part 61 or 141 flight school program.

All four of these courses are FAA approved for WINGS and appear on the FAA safety website as approved online courses.

The Certified Flight Instructor membership includes access to all of the Private Pilot and Commercial Pilot videos as well, giving the Certified Flight Instructor membership over 40 hours of video to watch. The courses include information on all subject areas, to include the fundamentals of instructing.

Each course includes both practice written test questions and oral check ride questions.

Members have access to a closed Facebook group to network.

Kenny Keller shares his experience and knowledge with aspiring Student Pilots all over the World

Helicopter Online Ground School customer service is staffed Monday-Friday 8am-4pm for email, text, or calling.

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Commercial Helicopter Pilot Cole Norton Congratulations