#29 Fixed Wing to Helicopter ADD ON Required Knowledge Questions

Mar 18, 2019

FIXED WING To HELICOPTER ADD ON Required Knowledge Questions

For those of you that are fixed wing pilots, going for your helicopter add on, this video is for you! This question comes from a viewer and they are wondering about when it comes time for the check ride, questions that will come from the check ride. 

Thanks for doing this video. I'd like to ask you a couple of specific questions regarding the topic.

1) If you are a fixed wing pilot and doing a helicopter add-on, how do you handle it if the examiner asks you questions during the oral portion regarding a topic (from the PTS) that is NOT part of the knowledge requirements for the add-on?..(for example, he/she asks you questions about hypoxia).

I've been told by some instructors that you can reply by pointing out to the examiner that his/her question isn't part of the knowledge required for the add-on. But the last thing I'd want to do is piss off the examiner early on in the oral portion.

2) And to take it one step further, what if they ask you to describe in detail all of the different forms of hypoxia?...when the PTS doesn't go into that level of depth for knowledge of hypoxia.

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