#26 Flight School Scams and Why I don't Want Your Block Discount Money

block time coffee with kenny flight school scams helicopter online ground school Mar 14, 2019

Flight School Scams and Why I don't Want Your Block Discount Money!


Most flight schools are owned by people that are hard working and love what they do and want to help you get your rating and own a school! With that being said, I've been getting this question a lot, how not to get scammed out of money. Most generally I don't think flight schools are out to scam you from your money, but I'm sure there are those people out there.

Running a flight school is very expensive! Things fall through, things happen. I've done block time, I don't do it anymore. You fly today, you pay today. No bills at the end of the week. Let me know your thoughts and comment below the video!



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