Rotor Tip #1 Helicopter Student Shows Up Late For The Check Ride!

Apr 08, 2023

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     Today, we are going to produce a series of videos called Rotor Tips. In this series of videos, you will view 10 tips on helping students pass their rotorcraft Practical test. Last year, Kenny Keller, creator of Helicopter Online Ground School, did a 10-part series on the top 10 pet peeves as a DPE. Now we've taken that series and redefined it into the latest rotor tips. We hope that you find them helpful. If nothing else, I hope you enjoy the ride in our Agusta 109S.


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     Kenny has cameras positioned in different places throughout the aircraft to give you some great angles. Now I do have to mention this disclaimer. Today's rotor tips are not mandated by the FAA. They're only to serve as an educational guideline as you prepare to take your Practical Rotor Craft test.

     Welcome aboard our Agusta 109S. It is one of three twin engine helicopters here in our Sweet Helicopter VIP fleet. Joining me up front on this flight is no stranger to twin engine helicopters, Kenny Keller. Kenny will be flying along with us. Here eventually, he is going to take the controls and I am going to list our newest top 10 rotor tips for passing your next Practical test.

     Our first rotor tip, it doesn't require any studying at all. It should be a given, but unfortunately, for many people it is not. Let's bring it to the forefront. That is first impressions.

     It seems like there are acronyms for everything in aviation. Let's pick one for first impressions because it includes three separate subjects that I want to talk about. Let's use OAT. Now for many of you pilots, OAT, it stands for outside air temperature. But for the purpose of this conversation, let's make OAT, oat, stand for this. O is organized, A appearance, and T, timeliness.

     Organized. In the video, you saw our applicant is clearly not organized. His papers are scattered throughout the video. He has difficulty locating the documents needed to identify himself. That includes the FAA medical and the pilot's license. A, his appearance. Now, wearing a t-shirt, shorts and flip flops is probably just slightly too relaxed, but I'm also not advocating that you need to show up in a three piece suit or a dress. How about somewhere in the middle? I think they call it business casual, which might be appropriate. Maybe khakis and a polo shirt would be ideal. Appearance, that's important.

Lastly on OAT, it's timeliness. Timeliness, it falls under first impressions. My recommendation is to maybe 30 to 60 minutes before the scheduled appointment with the examiner. That way you can take your time and you can relax. You'll get there plenty early and you can get things set up, maybe look around the building that you're meeting. If this is your first time there, you'll want to find out where the coffee pot is and maybe where the restrooms are at. That will just help you be relaxed as well.

Again, we're talking about O-A-T, organized, appearance and timeliness. If you follow those three suggestions, I can almost assure you it will help reduce the stress, or on stress coming up.

Randy Sharkey



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