Heliport Accident Prevention - What you don't know can kill you!

Sep 05, 2018

Helicopter Online Ground School Presents:

Heliport Accident Prevention - What you don't know can kill you!


 Accident Statistics

         Quick review of different accident statistics for heliports

 Regulations & Codes Governing Heliports (partial list)


    • Part 77, Objects Affecting Navigable Airspace
    • Part 157, Notice of Construction, Alteration, Activation and Deactivation
    • FAA Advisory Circular 150/5390-2C, Heliport Design Guide
  • State
    • DOT Aeronautics Division (each state are different)
    • License/Permit
  • Local, City and County
    • Zoning
    • Conditional Use Permit
    • Noise Studies
    • Environmental Impact Reports
  • Fire Marshall also known as the AHJ (Authority Having Jurisdiction)
  • Codes
    • International Building Code
    • International Fire Code
    • NFPA-418, Standard for Heliports
    • NFPA-407, Standard for Aircraft Fuel Servicing
    • NFPA-409, Standard on Aircraft Hangars

 Heliport Accident Prevention - What you don't know can kill you!


 Heliport, Helistop, or Helipad? (FAA A/C, Part-77, Part-157AIM)

  • Design Helicopter
  • Primary Surface (Part-77)
    • TLOF Touchdown and Liftoff area (FAA A/C)
    • FATO Final Approach and Takeoff area (FAA A/C)
    • Safety Area (FAA A/C)
  • Approach Surface (Part-77)
  • Transitional Surfaces (Part-77)
  • Private
  • Public
  • PPR (Prior Permission Required)

 What makes a Heliport a Heliport?

 Just because someone paints an H on something doesn’t mean it’s a heliport.

    • “…The basic elements of a heliport are clear approach/departure paths, a clear area for ground maneuvers, final approach and takeoff area (FATO), touchdown and liftoff area (TLOF), safety area, and a wind cone.”
  • The PIC is the ultimate authority for decision making in the aircraft
    • The safety of the flight environment is part of that
    • The PIC is ultimately responsible for locations they land and takeoff from
  • One Heliport = One Helicopter
  • Heliports should have more than one approach/departure path
    • The dangers of downwind operations


Forms and Records:


    • Form-7480, Notice for Construction, Alteration and Deactivation of Airports
      • Additional Documentation
    • Form-5010, Airport Master Record
  • States
    • Varies
  • Local
    • Varies


Does your heliport exist:

 How to check to see if you have a 5010 on file and if it is up to date

    • com

 Why is this important

    • UAS and Drone ops and the FAA B4UFLY app

 Common causes of accidents at heliports

  • Statistical Review of factors that cause accidents at heliports
  • Obstructions hit at heliports

 Accident Prevention

  • Review of poorly designed heliports
 Heliport Accident Prevention - What you don't know can kill you!

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