#30 I heard FIXED WING before HELICOPTER will SAVE MONEY for CFI ???

Mar 19, 2019

I heard FIXED WING before HELICOPTER will SAVE MONEY for CFI ???

Great question that I cover here! If you're doing it for recreation, then I say do it in whatever order that you want. However, if you're wanting your to go Professional Helicopter Pilot Route, focus on helicopter time! They will only care about helicopter specific time. 

Great Question! "Hey HOGS how is it going, i just have a few questions about starting my career as a helicopter pilot. I have been told that it would be cheaper to get my fixed wing private then get the heli add on.

Say the difference is 100 per hour for example i feel the extra 100 for that time in a heli will be much more valuable to me rather than in a fixed wing (i have no interest in fixed wing).

Just wondering what your opinion is on the subject, i plan on going as far as getting my CFI. When i start i am also planning on signing up for your website but i want to wait until i figure out all the finance stuff and i'm ready to start first.

There are a lot of things i still need to learn, thanks for your time and input have a nice day!" I feel very strongly about this subject and I explain it with a cup of coffee and the sun coming up over my shoulder.

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