Kenny Keller's New Book "Private Pilot 101" Soars to #1 Best Seller on Amazon

Jan 27, 2024


Kenny Keller's New Book "Private Pilot 101" Soars to #1 Best Seller on Amazon

WARSAW, Ind.—January 27, 2024— Kenny Keller, a seasoned helicopter pilot and instructor, proudly announces the release of his latest book, "Private Pilot 101 - A Helicopter Training Blueprint." Now an Amazon #1 Best Seller, this marks Keller's fourth Amazon #1 Best Selling book.

Keller, renowned for his expertise and dedication to aviation education, has been guiding aspiring pilots for over two decades. As the founder of Helicopter Online Ground School (H.O.G.S.), he brings his wealth of knowledge to a global audience through online courses and personalized helicopter instruction.

"Private Pilot 101" fills a critical niche in aviation literature, providing essential guidance for beginners embarking on their helicopter pilot journey. In addition to the book, Keller has introduced a 24/7 virtual aviation assistant, a repository of his extensive content, including over 2000 videos, blog posts, and podcasts, offering precise answers and insights to aviation queries.

"I wrote 'Private Pilot 101' to inspire and equip individuals with the knowledge they need to become private helicopter pilots," Keller remarked. "The thrill of flying helicopters is unparalleled, and I hope to ignite that passion in others."

Drawing from his vast experience, Keller addresses frequently asked questions, shares valuable tips, techniques, and real-life anecdotes from his aviation career. He understands the challenges of the pilot's journey firsthand, having overcome failures and obstacles to achieve his dream of becoming a private pilot over two decades ago.

The book covers essential topics, from selecting the right flight school to optimizing time and resources during training. Keller's dedication to supporting aspiring pilots shines through, offering guidance from the first lesson to license acquisition.

Keller's Amazon catalog includes other well-received titles such as "Top Ten Checkride Tips – Ease the Overwhelm" and "Helicopter Checkride – Need Help?". His expertise extends to aviation training, encompassing private, instrument, commercial, and certified flight instructor ratings.

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About Kenny Keller:

Kenny Keller is a highly experienced helicopter pilot and instructor with over two decades of aviation expertise. He is the founder of Helicopter Online Ground School (H.O.G.S.) and the author of multiple best-selling aviation books. Keller is dedicated to inspiring and guiding aspiring pilots on their journey to becoming accomplished helicopter pilots.