Low Rotor RPM Recovery in a Helicopter

Apr 25, 2018

Low Rotor RPM Recovery in a Helicopter

Low RPM is recognized by:

A noticeable decrease in engine and rotor noise
A slight vibration and cyclic stick shake at higher speeds
The activation of the low rotor RPM warning light and horn system
Also a yaw to left and slight descent of helicopter
There is a safety factor built into helicopters, any time rotor rpm falls below the green arc and there is power, simultaneously add throttle and lower the collective. If in forward flight, gently applying aft cyclic causes more air flow through the rotor system and helps increase rotor rpm. If without power, immediately lower the collective and apply aft cyclic.

Low Rotor RPM Recovery in a Helicopter


Low Rotor RPM in a helicopter needs to be taken seriously. A conditioned automatic response of rolling on throttle and lowering collective must be achieved. Catastrophic blade stall is fatal, and is a result of allowing the main rotor RPM to decay to the point of no recovery.

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Low Rotor RPM Recovery in a Helicopter