Private Pilot Art Sears Congratulations

Jul 06, 2018

Private Pilot Art Sears Congratulations

Art is a very experienced fixed wing ATP and added private helicopter onto his certificate, using the Enstrom. He had accumulated quite a bit of R44 dual instruction and was a partner in the ownership of one. His partner would take the aircraft away for months at a time, inturrupting Art's progress. We convinced him it was time to buckle down and finish in the Enstrom.

There are some differences in the two helicopters, the big one being the throttle control inputs that the pilot must make in the Enstrom. Chief Pilot Gary Cleveland worked with him one full week, doing a combination of flying and ground instruction each day. At the end of a week of hard work, Art was able to pass his check ride and was issued a temporary certificate with his added rating.

Private Pilot Art Sears Congratulations

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Private Pilot Art Sears Congratulations