Robinson R-44 Helicopter Online Ground School Content

Aug 18, 2018

Robinson R-44 Helicopter Online Ground School Content

Hello, I'm Kenny Keller, the creator of Helicopter Online Ground School. In this video, I'm going to show you around the R-44 Specific section inside Helicopter Online Ground School. This video produced March of 2016, so you know where we're at as of this point. We're always adding and updating our training, so this is the first page you'll see when you log into the R-44 section. Below the R-44 heading we have five categories, and those categories are Robinson R-22 To R-44 Transition. New Robinson R-44 Complete Preflight, we're still building the preflight videos now. Robinson R-44 Pilots Operating Handbook, where we go through the POH. Robinson R-44 Cross Country Preparation, that's a kind of for fun series of videos just on the trip, on bringing the R-44 from South Dakota back to Indiana, and then we have Robinson Safety Tips and Safety Notices.



We'll take a look at this first section, R-22 To R-44 Transition, and simply put, what we did here is we have one of our members Gary who is working on his commercial check-ride right now. He's also working on his R-44 transition. He has about 5 hours on the R-22, so we cover the SFAR requirements he's going to need for the sign up for the R-44, his first preflight, first start up with him, hovering intro, flying with Gary, Pickups and Setdowns on his first flight, his first time around the pattern, and then a Steep Approach and Shutdown; so these videos are basically to show how someone can go from an R-22 into R-44, how it's really a pretty simple transition, there's not a lot of big changes between the two, if you've flown the R-22. Going to be pretty comfortable in the R-44, just going to have some things to get used to that might be a little bit different.

Robinson R-44 Helicopter Online Ground School Content

 While we're here on this page, I'm going to go ahead and show you how our student progress tracking works. You can see here at a quick glance, there's a three quarters of a blue line here, nothing on this one, full blue line here, full blue line here, and then just a small bit of a blue line there. This is, at a quick glance, showing me what videos have I watched, how much of it I've watched, and what ones I have not completed, so that's a cool way to be able to tell what content you've covered and what you haven't. You can, of course, go back and watch certain ones as many times as you'd like, and now I show you, when you're working through, how this works.

I'll click on the first video, you go through that video, and then over here on the side, again, you can see which ones you've been through, what you haven't, so you can quickly, at a glance, say, "Oh, I need to finish that one," so after you would play that video, finish it up, you would just go to the next video, click on it, and then that video comes up; so we really like this a lot. Our original Helicopter Online Ground School, we didn't have this specific traffic tracking, and it was kind of hard for people, sometimes, to keep track of what they covered and what they haven't, so we like that a lot.

I go back up here, click on the left-hand corner, takes us back to categories, click on "Back to Categories," this is the R-44 pre-flight section, 2 videos in there so far, we'll be shooting the rest of those over the next 2 weeks, back to categories again, Robinson R-44 Pilots Operating Handbook. Here, we go through the General section, Limitations section, Emergency Procedures, we have that in 2 parts, R-44 Normal Procedures, R-44 Performance, R-44 Weight and Balance, and Turbulent Air; and again, these are all going to be changing and growing now that we have an R-44 here and are actively flying pretty much every day, and filming new content, so these presentations are just going to get even better, they're going to get updated, new audio, new video, more pictures, more video, so we're pretty excited about that, and I'll click Back to Categories.

Robinson R-44 Helicopter Online Ground School Content

Again, here's the R-44 Cross Country I was talking about. There's some decent information in there, but I thought it'd just be kind of fun to document an actual cross-country trip, again, bringing this from, R-44 from South Dakota back here to our home base in Indiana, and then we have Robinson Safety Tips and Notices. These are in the back of the POH. I highly, highly recommend anybody to read through the POH, but I go through them, with video, and cover all of the safety tips and the safety notices, so once you become a member, you'll be able to access all your training up here in the right-hand corner, where it says "My Library." If you click on that, you'll be able to see the other different things that are included with your membership. We also have a blog link at the top, and a quick About Us link at the top, and then we have the store, where you can click on the store at any time to go in and look at all of our products and services.

If you're [interested 00:04:11], just start with our R-44 section. Just click on the "Learn More" button right here, then just go here to the blue button, "Purchase Offer," to join that membership. I'm going to add, I just realized with this, making this video, I need to add our other private, commercial, and CFI onto this page, so we'd like to bundle and save money. For right now, go back to the store and let's pick Private Pilot, for example, click on Learn More, and when this comes up, you'll have the Private Pilot section, and then you can have the R-22 or the R-44 or the Enstrom Specific training, so of course, like everybody, you can save money by bundling the packages together, so, for example, let's use the PTS with R-44 Specific information, click on it there, go down here, purchase offer. 

This is the checkout page, put your information over here, credit card information here, click here if you'd like us to be able to email you, and then over here, it shows you exactly what membership you're signing up for, and if you have a coupon code, the code goes in right here; so for March 2016, all month, we have a 15% off special, celebrating 4 years online, so you would enter the coupon code in here, it is simply 15OFF, enter the 15OFF in that box, click "Apply," and then that reveals your discount. We do have 100% 30-day money back guarantee. You must notify me before the 30 days is up, but it is a no-hassle money back guarantee.

Contact me on day 29 and say, "Hey, the training just wasn't what I was looking for," and you get a no-hassle refund. I don't call you, I don't hassle you, I don't give you a problem, I just process the refund. Keep in mind that it can take several days for the merchant to get you your money back into your account. That's where we're at as of March 2016. Pick your appropriate membership level and get started today. Have any questions, email me at [email protected], and I'll get back to you absolutely as fast as I can, so thanks for checking out our R-44 section. If you're on YouTube, there's a link below this video in the description box to go to our site, so go below, click that video now, and we'll see you on the inside.

Robinson R-44 Helicopter Online Ground School Content

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