The Helicopter Podcast - Episode #61 Kenny Keller: Helicopter Online Ground School

Jan 31, 2024

Inside the World of Helicopter Pilot Training: A Conversation with Kenny Keller

Introduction: Welcome to episode 61 of The Helicopter Podcast! In this riveting installment, join your host Halsey Schider for an enlightening conversation with none other than Kenny Keller, the mastermind behind Helicopter Online Ground School (HOGS). As a seasoned pilot and an expert in ground training, Kenny Keller brings a treasure trove of insights and wisdom to the world of helicopter aviation.

Exploring the Nuances: Throughout the episode, Keller delves into the intricacies of pilot training and check rides. Drawing from his extensive experience, he provides invaluable insights that shed light on the differences between check rides conducted by Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) inspectors and those facilitated by designated pilot examiners (DPEs). As Kenny guides us through the labyrinth of helicopter pilot training, we gain a comprehensive understanding of the challenges, successes, and the ever-evolving landscape of aviation.



Navigating Challenges and Celebrating Triumphs: Listeners are in for a treat as Kenny Keller reflects on his own journey, sharing personal anecdotes and experiences that illuminate the path to becoming a proficient helicopter pilot. He doesn't shy away from discussing the common trends and pitfalls that have emerged in helicopter pilot training over recent years. Whether you're an aspiring pilot with dreams of taking flight or a seasoned aviator seeking to deepen your knowledge, this episode offers a wealth of knowledge and firsthand experiences from the vibrant world of helicopter aviation.

Conclusion: So, whether you're soaring toward the skies or firmly grounded, this episode promises to be a captivating journey into the world of helicopter pilot training. Join us as Kenny Keller unravels the mysteries, challenges, and triumphs that define this exhilarating profession. Tune in to The Helicopter Podcast and prepare for a flight of knowledge and inspiration.

For the full episode, be sure to listen at [Podcast Link]. Stay tuned for more exciting conversations, insightful interviews, and expert perspectives on all things helicopter aviation.