Where do you want Helicopter Online Ground School to go in the future?

Oct 13, 2018

Where do you want Helicopter Online Ground School to go in the future?

Where do you want HOGS to go in the future? Not necessarily end game, but 10 to 15 years from now, what would you like to see?

Kenny Keller:                      Honestly, I can answer that question very quickly. I hate to admit this, but I'm 52 years old and I don't see myself ever really retiring because I'm just active person. My dad was that way. My dad was active until he was 80. He died at 84, but up to about 79 or 80, that guy was non-stop. He was doing carpenter work. He was doing all kinds of things. My dad never quit working. He retired from a school teacher, but then was always doing something.

Where do you want Helicopter Online Ground School to go in the future?

I'm sure I'll never retire, retire, but the goal already is ... I want to be transparent here ... When this came up about Gary helping me, he goes, "Honestly, Kenny, You've worked so hard. Gary knows what I went through. He knows how hard I worked and he worked night shifts(as a police officer) so he noticed when I wasn't staying here working all night, he knew things were getting better and he's been with me for six years flying.

                                             Now he's going to work for me and he goes, "Dude, it's time for you to slow down a little bit, not work 10, 12, 14 hours a day." He goes, "I'll be there for you. I'll be there for you Monday through Friday." And he goes, "You come in when you want." He goes, "I don't care if you come in three days a week. I don't care if you take off with your daughter. I will be there for you and I will run it."

                                             So getting to that point where Gary can run HOGS, and together run BYOB.  I come in and Gary's like, "Hey, Kenny. We need a new night video. Let's do that." "Okay." "Hey, Kenny. Let's work on the instrument course today." "Okay."  I can create, do the videos, interact with people, a lot of things I miss out on is just members coming through here.

                                             Gabriel's still sitting here. It would've been nice to spend more time with him. Spending the last few days with Lance and the others that have come through. It's going to be nice having more time to interact.

                                             I  get to capture a lot more video now. I get to capture a lot of things that go on with us day-to-day that I love to shoot and have available for not only our members, but for on our YouTube or just daily things going on that people could see more about what you do. So 10 or 15 years, I'd like to say that ... 10 or 15 years .

Where do you want Helicopter Online Ground School to go in the future?

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Helicopter Online Ground School was founded by Kenny Keller in 2012. He is the author of "Helicopter Check-Ride", which made Amazon #1 best seller upon release. His online video courses include Private Pilot, Commercial Pilot, Certified Flight Instructor, and Instrument Pilot. Kenny recognized a lack of quality ground training within the industry and has created a video learning platform to compliment any part 61 or 141 flight school program.

All four of these courses are FAA approved for WINGS and appear on the FAA safety website as approved online courses.

The Certified Flight Instructor membership includes access to all of the Private Pilot and Commercial Pilot videos as well, giving the Certified Flight Instructor membership over 40 hours of video to watch. The courses include information on all subject areas, to include the fundamentals of instructing.

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