Commercial Helicopter Pilot Jason Poulos Congratulations

Jul 04, 2018

Commercial Helicopter Pilot Jason Poulos Congratulations

Jason wrote in after passing his Private Pilot check ride:

"Hello. My name is Jason and I'm coming to you from high atop the city in Atlanta, Georgia. I just wanted to talk to you today about Helicopter Online Ground School. I got the course about two months ago and I started working my way through it. And then, of course, the last week before the Check-Ride I kind of was freaking out and, so, I did a lot of cramming with it. And I was really concerned about the oral part of my Check-Ride. I felt like I could do the maneuvers and things, but was really concerned about the oral. Kenny was great. I was able to text him a lot. He was able to answer my questions. I could call him. You could go on Skype. He actually worked through some problems with me for a couple of hours one day on Skype.

The course is very comprehensive. It goes over everything you're going to need to know. In fact, it helped me quite a bit with my written. And on my oral, I passed it with flying colors. In fact, I was in the oral with a guy who -- he was going for his commercial and I felt like I could answer probably 95% of the questions that he was being asked. So, it's going to completely prepare you to get your private pilot's license. So, I highly recommend it. And I'm real excited because I just got mine yesterday. Here it is right here, my Temporary Airman's Certificate. And, so, I hope to see you on the inside of the member's area and I hope to see you in the skies."

Jason is a Lifetime member of the Certified Flight Instructor course, with R22 specific videos. Jason commented that the courses at Helicopter Online Ground School not only helped with the practical test (check ride), but also helped him with the FAA knowledge test (written test).

Helicopter Online Ground School does offer a two hour check ride prep phone or skype session, for those members that need it.

Commercial Helicopter Pilot Jason Poulos Congratulations

Like many members, Jason took time to give us some very awesome feedback after he achieved the Commercial Helicopter Rating. 


Just wanted to say thanks to you and HOGS. I passed my commercial check ride on Monday, and supplementing my studying with helicopter online ground school made the check ride that much easier; not to mention retaining the knowledge better through audio and video instead of just reading. Having instant access from anywhere to the information via the website and downloads at any time is awesome. I think you've got a good thing going with HOGS and I see the potential for it to get even better. Thanks again!....Now it's on to my CFI"


Jason is currently using our Instrument Pilot course to prepare for his Helicopter Instrument Rating. 

Let us help you with all of your ratings! We have four FAA certified courses, Private PilotCommercial PilotInstrument Pilot, and Certified Flight Instructor. We have a bundle pack called, Professional Pilot Lifetime Membership, that includes all this for life.

Commercial Helicopter Pilot Jason Poulos Congratulations

We are covering an entire wall in the Helicopter Online Ground School studio, with member check ride success pictures. Be sure and send us a picture when you get your rating.


Helicopter Online Ground School was founded by Kenny Keller in 2012. He is the author of "Helicopter Check-Ride", which made Amazon #1 best seller upon release. His online video courses include Private Pilot, Commercial Pilot, Certified Flight Instructor, and Instrument Pilot. Kenny recognized a lack of quality ground training within the industry and has created a video learning platform to compliment any part 61 or 141 flight school program.

All four of these courses are FAA approved for WINGS and appear on the FAA safety website as approved online courses.

The Certified Flight Instructor membership includes access to all of the Private Pilot and Commercial Pilot videos as well, giving the Certified Flight Instructor membership over 40 hours of video to watch. The courses include information on all subject areas, to include the fundamentals of instructing.

Each course includes both practice written test questions and oral check ride questions.

Members have access to a closed Facebook group to network.

Kenny Keller shares his experience and knowledge with aspiring Student Pilots all over the World

Helicopter Online Ground School customer service is staffed Monday-Friday 8am-4pm for email, text, or calling.

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