7 Most Common Instrument Check Ride Mistakes

Jun 10, 2018

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7 Most Common Instument Check Ride Mistakes!

Taz Christman, CFII and named 2018 instructor of the year on a National level, asked examiners to name the most common mistakes made by students on their helicopter instrument check ride. He put a presentation together to help those who are working on the instrument rating. Taz is featured in many of the videos in the Helicopter Instrument video course at Helicopter Online Ground School

Here are the 7 Most Common Mistakes that people make on on their Instrument Check Ride.

1. Weather and Weather Theory

2. Regulations

3. Improper Stepdown

4. Alternate Airport Procedures

5. Holding

6. Gps in lieu of DME

7. Descent from MCA/DA to the runway


Taz goes into detail with each of these topics to help prepare you for the instrument check ride. Taz has a way of helping you understand things that are hard to grasp.

7 Most Common Instument Check Ride Mistakes!


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7 Most Common Instument Check Ride Mistakes!