Certified Flight Instructor Norman Headings Congratulations

Jul 11, 2018

Certified Flight Instructor Norman Headings Congratulations

Congratulations Norman Headings on your Certified Flight Instructor Rating in our favorite Robinson R-22!

Norman owns an agriculture spraying business and three Robinson Helicopters. Norman operates out of central Illinois and has sent five students our way to train at C65.

Norman showed up with awesome piloting skills, as a 2000+ hour commercial ag pilot, and needed to spend most of his training time with us teaching on the white board to prepare for the CFI check ride. The CFI check ride is all about teaching. You are already a commercial pilot, now it is time to fly from the other side and talk through all the manuevers in a way that a student pilot will understand.

Norman impressed the examiner and passed the CFI checkride with ease. He is a lifetime member of Helicopter Online Ground School, with the Professional Pilot membership. He will always have access to the site for review, as he teaches new pilots.

Norman stated that he will enjoy teaching new pilots, but wants to send them to Helicopter Online Ground School for check ride preparation. We look forward to working with Norman and finishing up his students in the future.

Certified Flight Instructor Norman Headings Congratulations

Norman is on our HOGS Wall of Fame and you could be to!

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