Certified Flight Instructor Updates Online Ground School

Sep 30, 2018

CFI members, whether you're brand-new or you're an existing member coming back, got some new cool stuff that's going to be happening!

Gary Cleveland that many of you already know,  we've worked together on his private and his commercial, we're getting ready to do his Certified Flight Instructor rating and I just saw him outside. It's kind of late at night and I'm still working and he pulled up. He's on duty, he's a full-time law enforcement officer and he's been studying pretty hard. He said, "Hey, you should update the CFI section video with that I just got my two written test done." 

Certified Flight Instructor Updates Online Ground School


                              Gary was with me back for the original online ground school, working on his private. That was the first footage that I had and then just in the past year we worked on Gary's commercial and filmed a lot of that, so a lot of you know Gary from the commercial, either the private or the commercial. Now you're going to get to see him doing the CFI stuff. He just finished up his writtens, scored really high on both the written tests and he's doing really good, he's studying pretty hard.

                              We're getting ready to go pick up the Enstrom and bring it back for the winter and when we do, we're going to stop and do his check ride on the way back, because he's going to have the ground school already. We'll spend some time out there doing the full downs. I know it won't take long, because I know he's got superior control of the aircraft, so it'll be just kind of freshening him up, do the full downs and then we're going to stop somewhere to do the check ride on the way home. You know there'll be lots of new cool content coming.

Certified Flight Instructor Updates Online Ground School

                              Gary's not afraid to get in front of the camera. Gary's a good sport with letting me film and not only is he a good sport, Gary is rock solid with his knowledge. He did a superior job at the private level. The commercial, I almost got goosebumps. He did such a good job on the commercial this past fall or past spring. He just nailed it. I sat there with a grin the whole time they were doing the check ride, just because he was just nailing that stuff left and right. So far what I can tell with his CFI knowledge, it's going to be that good again.

                              I've actually had him doing some work with some students here just to get the practice teaching and he's doing a phenomenal job. Stay tuned for lots more content coming to the CFI section with Gary. Again, Gary's a good sport and he's willing to let me film as much as we can. I've got some more new technology here, things to play with, different cameras, camera angles, all kinds of cool stuff to do and it's going to be a neat deal. I'm sure, like I said, he's going to let me film everything so stay tuned for lots of new content coming in 2017 for the CFI section and we'll see you in the next video.

Certified Flight Instructor Updates Online Ground School

PS: Gary has since completed the CFI rating and works full time at Helicopter Online Ground School as Chief Pilot.

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