Class E, Compass Errors, Instrument Course Details

Nov 13, 2017

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Class E, Compass Errors, Instrument Course Details

Hey it's Kenny Keller with Helicopter Online Ground School. I want to give you some tips on Class E Echo Airspace and Compass Instrument Errors. Also we now have an Instrument Pilot Online Ground School.

Clarification on Class Echo required equipment, Compass errors that you have to know to pass your Helicopter written test and check ride. Helicopter Online Ground School  already has members benefiting from our new FAA approved instrument course

Even Private pilots should consider their instrument rating, as the experience & knowledge will make a better pilot out of you. Knowing how to scan and trust your instruments can get you through a bad situation.  You also learn to be ahead of the aircraft, giving you smooth control.

Class E, Compass Errors, Instrument Course Details

Compass errors can be confusing. When you are flying a helicopter on a North heading and turn West.... the compass will momentarily show that you are turning East. When you turn East, it will momentarily show that you are turning West.

On a heading East or West, the compass will momentarily show South if you slow abruptly. If you speed up abruptly, it will show North momentarily

Class Echo equipment can get confusing, as we look at the contradictions in the FAR/AIM. The AIM says not specific equipment needed, yet we see in part 91 that there is a requirement for a transponder above 10,000' MSL. Also don't forget CAMAFOOT, which is needed for any vfr flight. Compass, Airspeed, Manifold pressure, Altimeter, Fuel gauge, Oil pressure gauge, Oil temperature gauge, and Engine Tachometer. 

 Class E, Compass Errors, Instrument Course Details

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Any course completion will automatically award WINGS phase credits and you are on your way to satisfying the flight review requirement.