Congratulations Tyler Shiels Private Pilot Helicopter

Feb 05, 2018

Congratulations Tyler Shiels Private Pilot Helicopter

     I bought the helicopter online ground school materials and subscription back in 2014, when I was deployed and decided I wanted to fly helicopters.

     Three years later, I finally got around to using the materials, and the HOGS staff were extremely helpful in reactivating my account after being dormant for so long.

     I filled an entire notebook with the online information to supplement what the University could offer, which had a large part in me being the first of 14 students to attain my private rating, and me completing the program in almost record time, 10 hours below the course minimum (north Dakota got a pretty wicked opening to 2018, so I missed the record by a couple weeks).

     The oral portion of the check ride went extremely smoothly because of all the material that's available online, however I failed my first check ride attempt.

     That was actually a huge kick to the gut, and it really knocked the wind out of me. I messed up an emergency procedure, and autorotated on a main transmission temp/pressure warning, and it killed my confidence in the rest of my abilities to pilot the aircraft. I was extremely nervous about my second attempt, and reading Kenny's book, Helicopter Check Ride, specifically on check ride failures, really helped me work through all of that.

     I credit a lot of my progress and success with the quality of stuff being put out by the HOGS team.

Thanks a lot

Tyler Shiels


Congratulations Tyler Shiels Private Pilot Helicopter

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