Do You Love or Hate Autorotations?

Mar 05, 2024

As a Pilot, Do You Feel Confident in Your Auto Rotation Skills? 
In the world of helicopter flying, one of the most debated maneuvers is the auto rotation. For some, it's an exhilarating skill to master, while for others, it can instill fear and apprehension. In this recent H.O.G.S. episode, Kenny Keller, a seasoned helicopter pilot and creator of Helicopter Online Ground School, takes us through the process of auto rotation practice and shares valuable insights on how to overcome the initial trepidation and build confidence in this essential maneuver.



The Importance of Quick Stops
One of the key takeaways from the episode, is the emphasis on quick stops as a precursor to auto rotations. Keller shares the advice given to him by experienced pilots who stressed the significance of mastering quick stops before diving into auto rotation training. Quick stops not only serve as a stepping stone to auto rotations but also help pilots understand the principles of flaring, collective management, and cyclic control, all of which are crucial elements in a successful auto rotation.

The Value of Proper Setup
Another crucial aspect highlighted in the podcast is the importance of a properly set up maneuver. Keller stresses the significance of a good setup for any maneuver, linking it to the outcome, indicating that a sloppy setup may result in a less-than-optimal performance. This insight underlines the fact that attention to detail during the setup phase directly impacts the execution of helicopter maneuvers, including auto rotations.

Embracing Auto Rotations
Despite initial fears and challenges, Keller advocates for embracing the process of learning auto rotations. He openly shares his own journey of initially being apprehensive about teaching auto rotations as a new CFI, highlighting the fact that it took him significant flight hours to gain confidence in this maneuver. His openness about his struggles and eventual triumph serves as an inspiration for aspiring pilots who may be facing similar reservations about auto rotations.

The Role of Practice and Training
The episode also emphasizes the need for extensive practice and training when it comes to auto rotations. Keller reassures listeners that anxiety and unease surrounding this maneuver are common but can be overcome through dedicated practice and a thorough understanding of the principles involved. His valuable advice serves as a source of motivation for pilots who are working towards mastering auto rotations.

Announcement of a Special Offer
The video concludes with a special announcement regarding the H.O.G.S. twelve-year sale, offering a unique opportunity for two pro pilot memberships. This offer serves as a reminder of the continuous support and opportunities for growth and learning that the H.O.G.S. community provides, further fostering a sense of camaraderie and motivation among helicopter enthusiasts.


In conclusion, the episode provides valuable insights for both novice and experienced pilots, offering a holistic perspective on the journey of mastering auto rotations, from initial apprehensions to building confidence through practice and perseverance. As an essential maneuver in helicopter flying, auto rotations demand dedicated training, and through this video, Keller's guidance and wisdom serve as a beacon of motivation for all helicopter enthusiasts striving to enhance their skills and knowledge in this intricate and exhilarating field.