Dynamic Rollover Live

Aug 28, 2017

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Dynamic Rollover Live 

This subject has been discussed heavily around here recently!

Chief Pilot Gary Cleveland recently spoke with an FAA Inspector that inquired about Helicopter Online Ground School. This inspector stated that they recently investigated an accident that involved a rated pilot and Dynamic Rollover! The pilot either forgot, or never had the fundamental knowledge of Dynamic Rollover!

This inspector wanted access to review HOGS. The idea is they may choose HOGS as part of remedial training for helicopter pilots that have had incidents or accidents! We are honored to be considered for this!

Also, last week I sent out an email that we had Dynamic Rollover planned for this weeks Live Training Tuesday. Co-incidentally last week one of our HOGS members experienced a Dynamic Rollover Accident. When he drove home after his accident, he received the notification email for this weeks training.

Dynamic Rollover Live 

This member emailed to let us know what happened. Gary spoke with this member on the phone and agreed to share the pics from his accident. He also wanted to share the story as a training aid!

Log in with us tomorrow inside HOGS under the Live Training Tuesday Tab at 1:00 pm EST. We now have a Live Training Tuesday Tab in all 3 membership levels. Private, Commercial, and Certified Flight Instructor Memberships.

It's the first category now under all 3 memberships to make it easy for members to find!

See you tomorrow!


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Dynamic Rollover Live 

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