Enstrom Helicopter Clutch Engagement Light

Sep 02, 2018

 Enstrom Helicopter Clutch Engagement Light

Requested Video From Online Ground School Member:

"Kenny, I was wondering if you could put together a short video about the clutch engagement light that instructs operators on the fact that if the light does not go out when the clutch is engaged they should not fly the ship until repairs are made.Also about the issue that if the light comes on in flight repairs should be made before next flight etc etc. "



 Enstrom Helicopter Clutch Engagement Light

We're going to answer this question. I'm using the Enstrom Piston Helicopter Pilot Training Guide as my source of information. Right here is showing an example of where that light might be. It says clutch engagement. This is your annunciator panel, your caution warning lights. Depending on the age of the Enstrom you're flying that particular warning light can be in a different place. In older models they have just one single light down by itself a little further down the dash. Depending on which model you have the light could be in a different position.

If the Clutch Engae lis is red the drive belt clutch is disengaged. As you go through your start-up, the rotor engagement light will be on. When you engage the clutch, and you get it all the way back and in place and locked, in that red light will go out. You then mover the rotor engagment lever back to its stowed position. Then when you're done at the end of your flight and you disengage the clutch the light will come back. So during your entire flight with rotor engaged the rotor engage light will be off, it will not be eliminated.

Enstrom tells us if the clutch disengage light does not go out when the handle is stowed or comes on in flight a problem with the clutch over center locking mechanism is indicated.

Here's what our member is looking for.

Do not fly the aircraft until the fault has been repaired.

That is what we're getting right from Enstrom. I had this come on one time in flight in the 20 some years I've been flying Enstroms. It came on on a night flight over downtown Cleveland and that made the hair stand up on the back of my neck. We had just left the airport for a night flight, did a quick turn, went back, told the tower I had a warning light that just came on. Traffic was light so he said, "The airport is yours, do whatever you got to do, you're cleared to land."

Enstrom Helicopter Clutch Engagement Light

I went back, landed, put it away, called the mechanic the next day. He came up. The switch was bad for that engagement lever, and because the switch was bad that was what caused the light to come on. I have had it come on one time during flight, I've never had it not go off once I've engaged the lever, I never had that problem.

That's my first hand experience with my rotor engagement light coming on. It goes back to, if it's broke on the pad don't fly it. If you engage that lever and that light stays on, shut it down, call the mechanic, go from there.

If it comes on in flight prepare for autorotation. Maybe reduce power, start looking for a place to land. Don't autorotate and kill yourself getting on the ground. If the aircraft's still making power, still flying, do not autorotate but prepare for an autorotation.  Light comes on, it's still flying, find a safe place to land, get it on the ground and call your mechanic.

That video is for one of our members that's a member of our Online Ground School, plus the Enstrom Edition. We have an Enstrom Addition, R22 addition, and R44 editions to our Helicopter Online Ground School.

 Enstrom Helicopter Clutch Engagement Light

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