Enstrom Helicopter Fuel Dipstick

Aug 07, 2018

Enstrom Helicopter Fuel Dipstick

Enstrom Helicopter Provides Fuel Dipstick To Verify Fuel Quantity

Here's Chris Houser, demonstrating the proper way to check the fuel on the Enstrom F28F. It's very easy to do and this needs to be done every single time you go fly. Every time, not just part of the time. It needs to be done every time. We know a couple of friends of ours that had a little issue and it came from not taking the stick out and checking it. That's the bottom line. You got to check it every single time.

Show us Chris, show us on the dip stick ... I mean, show us on the fuel stick how we tell how much fuel we're going to need, because people get confused on this.

Chris Houser: Well, let me show you.

Kenny: That's where guys get into trouble, because if you're not thinking-

Chris Houser: Make sure you're on the correct side. One side's for fuel and the other side is for your struts.

Your fuel side, it's real simple. Take your stick, then go ahead and dip the tanks. It's what we call dip the tanks. Put it in there, take the top of the tank to the line ... All you're going to do is read it.

Enstrom Helicopter Fuel Dipstick

As you can see, we're sitting right there, so I'd say we're at about thirty gallons, twenty eight gallons. Somewhere in there.

Kenny: Okay, then explain to them how people get confused sometimes, how this fuel works between the two tanks and how to read that stick.

Chris Houser: They're gravity fed, so even though we only dipped this side, since they're both connected, thirty gallons is what you have total. Both sides take twenty gallons, but you can read. This will tell you exactly how much fuel you have total.

Kenny: That's thirty total. That means fifteen per side.

Chris Houser: Fifteen each side.

Kenny: It should be easy, but people ... I've seen it repeatedly happen. They get confused, they tell me that they've got full tanks when they've really only got-

Chris Houser: Even sometimes I've to think about, "Let me think here."

Kenny: It's very easy to screw up. You've got to think about it.

Chris Houser: Since it's gravity fed, it'll feed over there. You can fill one side and it will feed over to the other side.

Kenny: The thing to remember is that the stick is showing you how many gallons total, not how many gallons in that tank.



Enstrom Helicopter Fuel Dipstick

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