Apr 17, 2018


The FAA WINGS program benefits and how to get the credits you need are explained here. Helicopter Online Ground School is a certified online course provider.

The objective of the WINGS Program is to address the primary accident causal factors that continue to plague the general aviation community. By focusing on this objective, the FAA hopes to reduce the number of accidents we see each year for the same causes. As you will see, it is not a simple “Award” program but is instead a true proficiency program, designed to help improve our skills and knowledge as pilots.

The WINGS - Pilot Proficiency Program is based on the premise that pilots who maintain currency and proficiency in the basics of flight will enjoy a safer and more stress-free flying experience.

You select (in your Airman Profile) the category and class of aircraft in which you wish to receive training and in which you wish to demonstrate your flight proficiency. Requirements for each aircraft category and class include specific subjects and flight maneuvers. To ensure you receive a well-rounded learning experience, only certain flight activities fulfill specific credit requirements. More information about how these subject areas are selected is available on your MY WINGS page.

The program encourages an on-going training program that provides you an opportunity to fly on a regular basis with an authorized flight instructor. The program is most effective if the training is accomplished regularly throughout the year, thus affording you the opportunity to fly in different seasons and in different flight conditions.

Reviewing and refreshing your knowledge is just as important as actual flying. To meet this goal, we provide you many opportunities to complete online courses, attend seminars and other events, and participate in webinars. Many 3rd party activities, such as those offered by Helicopter Online Ground School, qualify for WINGS credit. 

Arrangements have been made with the FAASTeam to automatically provide WINGS credit after the activity. However, please allow at least 24 hours before inquiring about WINGS credits. Remember, if you have questions about a course or activity, check with the provider. If you have a question about the WINGS Program, contact [email protected]

Note that completion of any Phase of WINGS satisfies the requirement for a flight review. So not only will you complete a review of the most common weak areas that have led others to the accident site, but you end up with a flight review, as well! 

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Any course completion will automatically award WINGS phase credits and you are on your way to satisfying the flight review requirement.


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