Ground School On iPad, iPhone, Laptop, Desktop, Tablet, Smartphone

Sep 03, 2018

Ground School On iPad, iPhone, Laptop, Desktop, Tablet, Smartphone

Recent question from a new member:

"Can I have access from multiple devices? I have a computer at home, it would be nice to watch at the cabin on my iphone?"

The answer is absolutely yes! We just created a brand new video highlighting how Helicopter Online Ground School works seamlessly across all devices! Desktop, laptop, smartphone, iPhone, iPad, tablet, android etc.


Ground School On iPad, iPhone, Laptop, Desktop, Tablet, Smartphone

I want to show you how our Helicopter Online Ground School works across a all devices. This is at my desktop computer, this is lesson 3 aerodynamics of flight. At a quick glance, you can see which videos I've covered and which I've not. Let's head back over and let's look at other devices. We're going to move over to the laptop, right there is the laptop, it shows the same thing. Over to an iPad, looks the same. Now on the iPhone just a little bit different but the tracking is the same. You can see here in the first video, I haven't watched yet, there's no blue line. Next video, solid blue line showing I've completed that entire video.

Hello, I'm Kenny Keller, the creator of Helicopter Online Ground School and I'm excited to show you this. We get this question a lot so I'm preparing this video so that I can show potential members how this works across different devices. Also for our current members or new members or just login in. Just for an example I had a question just this morning from a gentleman. He asked me several different things, he was texting me and asking questions about our online training, he said, "One last question, I have a computer at home and at the cabin, would also be nice to watch from my iPhone, is that possible?" The answer is yes.

Ground School On iPad, iPhone, Laptop, Desktop, Tablet, Smartphone

The first one I have up on the screen is the laptop I just showed you at the beginning the video. This is the same thing that's on the laptop right now, that's on the desktop that I showed you. What I want to point out is this progress tracking is what we're really, really happy about and really excited which is the big difference from our original ground school to this one. This student tracking.

You can tell which video you've watched and which you haven't. Not just whether you've watched the video or not but also how much of that video you've watched. Using this one for example, I'm like three quarters or seven eights away through that video, haven't watched that one. At a quick glance you know how much of the video you've watched, none of it, all of it, part of it. As I keep saying, you see that across all devices. Now look at the iPad.

I'm going to now project that up on to the screen. Now the iPad, you can see the same thing when you log into the iPad, it's going to show you the same thing that you observed on your laptop if you're working from that or if you were working on your desktop at home, boom it's the same. Now let's take a look at the iPhone. I'm showing you, there's my iPhone, that projected up on the screen just because it's easier to view so let's go back to that screen.

Ground School On iPad, iPhone, Laptop, Desktop, Tablet, Smartphone

I'm scrolling here on the iPhone just so you can see. This is what you see on your iPhone. It's a little different because of the smaller screen, they can't give you the bigger picture that you have with an iPad but to show you that it works the same way. The first video, nothing there, haven't watched that one yet. This entire video has been completed and it all matches. You just scroll through the videos, each one will show you has it been watched has it not and how much of it. That's first hand, that's how it works. Pretty seamless across devices. The progress tracking is absolutely awesome.

This new site that we launched December of 2015, totally mobile compatible. We first went live with our helicopter online ground school March 2012 that was a great system four or five years ago. Times change. The developers of that site seeing the need for being seamless across devices. All these different smart phones and iPhones and tablets and everything we have out there, they understood the need to be able to seamless across devices.

That's how it works so if you're concerned can I stay at home on my laptop and then pick up later on the iPad then later on my iPhone? Absolutely. Seamless across devices. We're super proud of our training.

Ground School On iPad, iPhone, Laptop, Desktop, Tablet, Smartphone

If you have any questions at all, contact me at [email protected]. I'll get your questions answered of you as soon as possible. The sky is the limit. We're just so excited, we keep having more and more check right success, we have more member sign ups, more members emailing in or calling me going, "Kenny, thank you for helicopter online ground school."

The momentum is growing, it's really that good and we're just excited to keep moving forward, keep adding new products, new services, adding new training, updating older training. If you want to get started, click one of those links or type in your browser go right to our site and we'll see you in the next video.

Ground School On iPad, iPhone, Laptop, Desktop, Tablet, Smartphone

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