Helicopter Maximum Performance Take-off

Dec 21, 2017

Helicopter Maximum Performance Take-off

Maximum Performance Take Off. The video in this post is from our Helicopter Home Study Course! Helicopter Cockpit Audio & Video while doing Check Ride Preparation with a Private Pilot Student! By the way, the examiner commented on how well he preformed the maneuver during the practical test! Go Pro Hero HD. Maximum Performance Take Off

Some pilots during a Maximum Performance Take Off just pull power to the maximum limit and go! Sometimes that may work, sometimes not!

Starting out in the Helicopter EMS world I was first trained in the BK-117! The Heavy Duty Truck of Helicopters! In that helicopter you pretty much had the available power to do what you need to do!

Then after  2 1/2 years I switched bases and was trained in the Eurocopter EC-135. Now that was a different story. A great helicopter, but it did not have the available power I had in the BK!

One of the other Helicopter Pilots I worked with, told me a little trick on max take offs, that I now apply flying the Enstrom, or any helicopter I fly! Maximum Performance Take Off

During a max take off, if you pull the power in more slowly, you can sometimes lift higher than going straight to max power. By getting that extra height, getting usually more wind, then getting the benefit of Effective Translational Lift, you may be able to get out of that confined area where the more aggressive take off will not!

I thought it seemed strange at first, but once I tried it, that method made a believer out of me! Maximum Performance Take Off
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Helicopter Maximum Performance Take-off

So the point I want to make is as I have in the past, knowing different methods of performing a specific maneuver can be very handy at times! Just because different instructors have different methods of teaching that one maneuver, does not mean that one is right and one is wrong, just different!

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Maximum Performance Take Off Video

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Maximum Performance Take Off

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Helicopter Maximum Performance Take-off

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