Helicopter Training: Do you have the drive and determination?

Oct 02, 2018

Hello I'm Kenny Keller, the creator of Helicopter Online Ground School. I wanted to do a short video on the drive and determination that it takes a lot of times to get your helicopter pilot rating. This gentlemen here, the owner of this Robinson R44, has been a Helicopter Online Ground School member of ours for over a year. I have been communicating with him over time and he's been struggling to get the helicopter private rating done. There's lots of different reason, he's had multiple instructors.


Helicopter Training: Do you have the drive and determination?

Instructors a lot of the times will get a job before they're finished with you or they have to leave for their EMS job or they've got to leave for their Gulf job and they want to come back and work with you later. He ran into a lot of struggles over time and he finally a few weeks ago sent me an email and said, "Kenny help, I want to finish this rating and I can't seem to get an instructor along with an examiner all setup to work."

I said, "Come on up and I'll get you your rating." He went through our Ground School multiple times before coming up here and that's what I pre-warned him, I said, "Make sure you go through Online Ground School. Make sure your knowledge is good. When you get here we'll do the best we can to get you through it." He arrive on the first of this month, today is the 10th and I'm happy to say we got his private pilot check ride done for him today. He did a great job. His knowledge was good. His flying was good when he got here, but he needed somebody to really sit down with him, go through all the documentation, make sure he had all the requirements.

Helicopter Training: Do you have the drive and determination?

We went through his log books, made sure he had everything he needed, got all the requirements done, everything signed off properly. Today he got his test. He was so thrilled and excited and I'm thrilled and excited for him. He's an example of how you can have problems along the way, whether it's problems with a helicopter, problems with an instructor. There's multitude of things that can get in your way but if you stick with it and keep at it you will get there.

It may take moving to a different flight school. It may take finding a different instructor. If it's not working at the place you're flying, go somewhere else, find another flight school. The point of it is, if you want to get there you can do it. This gentlemen was about to the point of giving up and what a shame it would have been if just threw the towel and said, "Heck with it, this is too hard. I've been spending too much money. I want to give up and I'm not going to do it." Luckily he called me, we got him up here and we got him finished up.

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 Helicopter Training: Do you have the drive and determination?

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