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Sep 20, 2018

Let Helicopter Online Ground School help you with all of your ratings! We have four FAA certified courses, Private PilotCommercial PilotInstrument Pilot, and Certified Flight Instructor. We have a bundle pack called Professional Pilot Lifetime Membership, which includes all this for life.

Any course completion will automatically award WINGS phase credits and you are on your way to satisfying the flight review requirement.

Requested from our Helicopter Online Ground School Members:

We would love your feedback? What is your experience?

A question just in from one of our new CFI members:

"If I may ask where in SoCal do you recommend to take CFI training?"

I get this question more and more as time goes by. 

I thought who better than you, our ground school members for an answer to this question. You are the ones out there spending your hard earned money and valuable time with flight schools.


HOGS Member Recomended Flight Schools:


Hi Kenny, Love Helicopter online ground school, As i am from Australia, I would have to say Brisbane/Herver Bay Helicopters They are in Beautiful Queensland.

Andrew Brown.



Anthelion helicopters out of KLGB. Very professional, highly knowledgeable and experienced instructors. Students are treated very well and safety is definitely number one on the list.

Jason Poulos


Jerry Trimble helicopters. GO to his web site. https://www.jerrytrimblehelicopters.com/locations/
He has 3 locations CA, OR, & TX. He has been in the business a long time. His CA operation is only done certain times of the years.

CW Fox, CFI (I took my CFI training at his OR location).


I got my private rating and will start working on my instrument shortly after finishing my A&P this year. I would recommend my school which is Corporate Helicopters in San Diego or if near the L.A. area, definitely iEatSleepFly.



I went to Los Angeles Helicopter at the Long Beach Airport. I had a
Great experience obtaining my ppl.

Al Yanagisawa


To whom it concerns,

I am currently going to Capital helicopter in Sacramento California I'm in the process of obtaining my Instrument rating and going all the way as far as ATP.

This is by far the best school that I've been to. The CfI's are honest and are willing to work around your needs. The owner of the school ( Oron Breedlove) is the nicest person you will ever meet... don't get me wrong tho he can be assertive when need be.

I would definitely look into this school if you are looking to save a buck or two. 

I have saved a ton of money knowing I'm not being used to just pay bills and not obtain the proper training. I plan on being the best in the business!!! and I know I can achieve my goal throw CapHeli.

I hope I've answered all of your questions concerning aviation schools in the California area. Like I said I've been to both school before transferring to Capital Helicopters. If you have any more questions please do not hesitate to contact me via cell 530.306.6942

Alex Ivanov


HOGS Member Recomended Flight Schools:

Hi Kenny,

My name is Glenn Janssen and I have been a HOGS member for quite a while. I am within a month or two of my commercial pilot check-ride at Pacific North Helicopters (aka Helivertex). I am currently working and training in Lake Tahoe for Pacific North Helicopters flight school and tour operation with bases in South Lake Tahoe and Truckee, CA, and we are looking to add another location in the Bay area near San Jose in the next couple months (looking at several small airports in the area).

Our flight training academy was previously know as Altitude Helicopter Academy out of Minden, NV, and the tour operation was previously know as Reno Tahoe Helicopters (South Lake Tahoe), but both were purchased and combined by a group of pilots that I have known for a few years under the name of "Pacific North Helicopters".

PNH is a Part 141 school offering both Part 61 and 141 training in Robinson helicopters (R22 & R44) in the high-altitude conditions around Lake Tahoe and the Sierra mountains. Not many flight schools can offer high-altitude flight training, or may charge extra for it. In fact, potential employers that operate in the mountains will often look for a significant amount of candidate flight hours (>300 hours) in high-altitude conditions due to insurance requirements. We have a excellent group of instructors (8 CFIIs) with a high level of experience and regard for safety, especially operating in the conditions in the mountains (our Tahoe bases start at over 5900 feet field elevation). We have pilots with thousands of hours of experience including military training that can provide real-world flight training to ensure our students get a higher level of training than the published training standards. We want well-trained, safe pilots that will be well-regarded in the industry. We give first priority in hiring pilots who have graduated from our program, and we have tour and charter operations all around Lake Tahoe and the Bay area with plans to add heli-ski operations starting next year.

In addition to the expert training, the Lake Tahoe and new Bay area location will offer a wide variety of experience in flight training, as well as the numerous outdoor activities that are available in the area for fun and recreation.

If you have flight students who want to broaden their appeal to employers and learn skills to include high-altitude flight training, this is a great place to do it.

Thanks and regards,

Glenn Janssen




Hi Kenny

Yes I would recomend Maxflight helicopters in Kissimmee Florida

because they are very flexible. I live in Aruba so only two week in one year i can go to Kissimmee and fly the R22.

it is a great way to still get the chance to get my private lisence etc.


Isgar del Prado



Hey Kenny,

I wanted to brag on my flight school since I have the opportunity. I attend Mauna Loa Helicopters in Honolulu HI. There are 2 locations to train. One is located in class B Honolulu airspace and the other is in Kona on the Big Island. We have beautiful weather, scenery, and awesome places for off airport confined areas and pinnacle approaches on the ridge lines. It's a part61 and 141 school who accepts Federal funding as well as Sallie Mae loans(which was major for me). It may be worth looking into for a SoCal pilot. My instructor is from LA and he came here to get his ratings and he decided to stay here. The website is http://www.maunaloahelicopters.com Fly safe!

Trevor Terrell


HOGS Member Recomended Flight Schools:


I took my flight training from Lakeshore
Helicopter in Kenosha, Wisconsin @
KENW airport. Bill is a Great 👍 instructor
with thousands of hours experience.
I would definitely recommend this school.

Paul G.

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HOGS Member Recomended Flight Schools: