HOGS Vlog Day 4 Helicopter Check Ride Prep Finishing Touch

Jan 29, 2018


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HOGS Vlog Day 4 Helicopter Check Ride Prep Finishing Touch

 In Day 4 of the Helicopter Online Ground School Vlog we are working on a Saturday to put the finishing touches on a HOGS Member Helicopter Check RIde.

Mechanic was flown in a Robinson R-44 to take care of a magneto repair on the Robinson R-22. They get the R-22 repaired and Kenny goes out for a Helicopter Check Ride Preparation flight with our Helicopter Online Ground School Member.

Helicopter Maintenance Issues are a very common problem that pop up just before a Helicopter Check Ride! It's just part of it. Everything is always subject to change!

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HOGS Vlog Day 4 Helicopter Check Ride Prep Finishing Touch

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