HOGS Vlog Day 6 Helicopter Check Ride Passed With Flying Colors

Jan 31, 2018

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HOGS Vlog Day 6 Helicopter Check Ride Passed With Flying Colors

Kenny Keller:                     This is a congratulations, Helicopter Commercial Pilot!

Speaker 2:                           Thank you.

Kenny Keller:                     Awesome. So the Helicopter Designated Pilot Examiner said you were one of his best Helicopter Check Ride Applicants in a long time, eh?

Speaker 2:                           He said it's best he's had in a while. He said it again, then in front of Bruce.

Kenny Keller:                     Awesome. You want to get the heck outta here?

Speaker 2:                           Yup.


Kenny Keller:                     You been here for seven days, Helicopter Online Ground School helped you a bunch apparently, right?

Speaker 2:                           It helped me a bunch, yeah. I probably wouldn't have done it this quick without Helicopter Online Ground School.

Kenny Keller:                     Awesome. What'd you think of our examiner?

Speaker 2:                           He was real cool. Real easy to work with.

Kenny Keller:                     Awesome. Alright, well I'll let you get your stuff rounded up. I know you want to get the heck outta here.

Speaker 2:                           Yeah.

Gary Cleveland:                Oh yeah. We don't take them over unless we get a pass! Congratulations.

HOGS Vlog Day 6 Helicopter Check Ride Passed With Flying Colors

Kenny Keller:                     Little behind the scenes again while we're live. We're live right now. We were really super excited to add this today. We have a picture that Gary sent to me on the phone on the way back from Toledo, after the check ride. I knew they'd passed. So we ran downstairs and edited up a video real quick, so that I could roll a video of them landing right before going live. So, that was cool.

     Again, thrilled to have multiple people helping me versus me doing it alone anymore, I can catch the fun of somebody coming back from a check ride. Anyway, just go ahead and roll the Live Training Tuesday in this vlog but hopefully you've enjoyed them. We're going to take a break from them for a couple days cause, that's just because.

Gary Cleveland:                A lot of work, I've never seen you work so hard.

Kenny Keller:                     It is a lot of work and I'm burnt out.

                                                And there is Heather taking questions and comments  today make sure you let us know who you are, where you're from. Put your questions in there and Heather is gonna keep track of them for us so we can answer your questions. And here is Gary Cleveland, he just landed. We just edited a video. The video you just watched, we just edited that in the last few seconds. 

     They landed at about 12:30,we shot the video real fast, came up here and did some editing. Alright, here's the picture. Bruce, just got his commercial rating and I'm going to let Gary fill you in on it cause he was there, I was here getting everything ready to go. We've done a series of videos this week HOGS vlog, so go back if you want to start at the beginning, there's a link below this video. And you can check out our HOGS vlog, we've been doing some behind the scenes stuff just for fun, us goofing around in here plus telling the story of Bruce getting ready and we had the maintenance issue, we had the weather issue, so it's all kind of good stuff.

     So, they just landed, this is a picture Gary sent me on the phone so I got it up and ready to go. He texted me the landing time so I could run out there with a camera and catch him landing and this is fun because I worked alone for so long that I could never capture things that I really wanted to capture. 

     That's one nice thing about having Gary here, and having two of us, and having Heather helping and Chris jumping in and guest instructors. Now I can get to some of the stuff that I wanted to, capture some of these stories. So, let's give you  a little background on Bruce before we get started with the sectional charts?

Gary Cleveland:                So Bruce wants to be an agricultural spray pilot like a couple others that we trained out of Illinois. Bruce is actually from Arkansas, but he will be working with Norman up in Illinois with that agriculture spray outfit. He's a private fixed wing pilot, and he just went straight to commercial helicopter today.

     After some trials and tribulations of having a mag failure, on I think Friday, and then we had the check ride scheduled for Monday morning and we just had horrible weather with threatening icing conditions going on. So we rescheduled it for this morning and we met here at the airport at 5:30 and flew over there to meet the examiner at 8, so we were all there at 7:30. Got going a little early on it.

HOGS Vlog Day 6 Helicopter Check Ride Passed With Flying Colors

     The examiner always steps out after the oral while the student's packing up his book and things and kinda gives me a nod and he came over and said, "He knows his stuff". He said it's one of the best orals that he has had in a long time. So here comes Bruce out of the room and I give him a thumbs up that I'd just gotten some good feedback there. Then he went out and was preflighting and come back in, they finished a couple of pre-flight questions the examiner wanted to ask him and then they went out, looked the aircraft over together and they flew for just under an hour.

     Again the examiner always makes his way back into the FBO before the student and he says, "Man he's a good pilot." He says, "What is he wanting to do with his rating?" And I said he just wants to be agriculture sprayer. And he said, "He's talented, I really hope he does more than that in his flying career." He said, "That's one of the best check rides I've done in a while."

Kenny Keller:                     And he does a lot check rides.

Gary Cleveland:                Right.

Kenny Keller:                     A lot of check rides and he's been doing them for over 25 years.

Gary Cleveland:                So he really wanted to give Bruce a pat on the back but he says, "I haven't told him he passed yet." He says, "Let me tell him." So yeah, it went really well and made it back here just in time to shoot a quick video before Live Training Tuesday so we could show you another check ride success.

Kenny Keller:                     Yeah, it is fun for me. I'm glad that this week we've been able to shoot some behind the scenes stuff. To check out the HOGS vlog, click the following link:  https://youtu.be/jUY4p7MK9M8. They all use Helicopter Online Ground School videos before coming here to cement their knowledge. That's what we require here, is you become a member before you come, you go through all the videos.

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Gary Cleveland:                I think we are the only FAA certified for wing flights.

Kenny Keller:                     Yup, we have FAA wing program, we've been hitting it hard and doing so many things. Become a member, check out the private, commercial, CFI or instrument either monthly or yearly. There's not charge for the first 24 hours and we know this because we've checked it. You will not be billed until like hour 25, 26, 27. Take the test flight, see the whole entire site and if it's not for you remove your credit card before the 24 hours and you're billed nothing. Boom.

HOGS Vlog Day 6 Helicopter Check Ride Passed With Flying Colors

                                                We are going to be at Heli Expo, we got our tickets confirmed. Brian and I will be there all three days so hopefully we'll hook up with some of you. Subscribe to our channel if you haven't done that yet. Anything else going on you want to rely?

Gary Cleveland:                Well there's a partnership that's going to be discussed at LA Expo between Helicopter Online Ground School and HAI to sponsor our training for their members.

Kenny Keller:                     That'll be cool. So a lot more details on that after LA Expo. We are going to shoot a video down there, try to go live down there. Our HelicopterGround.com link is right below the video too, by the way. So take our 24 hour test flight. Oh and we have a 30 day money back guarantee, no hassle.

     Okay, that was day six. That's of seven videos with introduction, that makes seven videos. I promised seven videos that in kind of a vlog style. We're going to wrap this up, I'm going to edit this up, put this up, hopefully you've enjoyed these. If you've liked these please click the like button, if you disliked them click the like button twice.

     Heather's been over there editing up a new book, Top Ten Helicopter Check Ride Tips. We might put it on Amazon, maybe, it's just like a 99 cent book but something kind of cool for ya with great useful tips.

     I don't know what else is next. Let us know how you've liked these videos, behind the scenes stuff we did. You know, lets you see different angles and different things of us goofing off in the background but it's only about 6:51pm so by the time I get done editing I'm going to leave at a reasonable time. Could go get me a big draft beer, there you go since you're behind the scenes. That's the next step. Wave bye, Heather.

Heather:                              Bye guys!

Kenny Keller:                     See you in the next video.

     Oh and PS down below there is a free copy of my Amazon number one best seller, Helicopter Check Ride. Go back and hit day one if you just happen to catch this video go back and start with day one. There's a playlist below for the behind the scenes videos. And there's links to everything else below. Private, commercial, CFI, instrument, they are all there down below. Like, Share, Comment below. See you later.

                                                And we're done.

Heather:                              Cut.

Kenny Keller:                     Cut.

HOGS Vlog Day 6 Helicopter Check Ride Passed With Flying Colors

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