How To Become A Helicopter Pilot

Dec 11, 2017

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How To Become A Helicopter Pilot

>>>>> 33 Questions we cover during this event! <<<<<

1. My dream is to become an EMS pilot? Can I achieve that goal?

2. Am I too old to become a Helicopter Pilot?

3. If I have medical problems will I able to get the license?

4. Do I have to be really good with math?

5. How much does it cost to become a pilot? Private, Commercial

6. Do I have to have the money all up front?

7. Where can I get financial aid? Are there Scholarships?

8. Are there loans available?

9. Can I use the GI Bill to pay for training?

10. Is Helicopter Training Tax Deductible?

11. Do I need books or materials before I get started?

12. How often will I need to fly?

13. How long will the training take?

14. How do I get started?

15. Can I use your Online Ground School prior to starting flight training?

16. Where will I get my flight training?

17. What books do I need when I decide to continue with helicopter training?

18. What is required for the private pilot rating?

19. What is required for the commercial rating?

20. What is required for the Certified Flight Instructor Rating?

21. Will I need an Instrument Rating for a job?

22. Should I train for Instrument Pilot between Private and Commercial training?

23. How many hours before I can solo?

24. Is there a written test?

25. Is Helicopter Online Ground School FAA Certified?

26. How many hours will I need for a job?

27. What kind of jobs are available?

28. How much money will I make as a Helicopter Pilot?

29. What is the job outlook for Helicopter Pilots?

30. What aircraft should I train in?

31. How long does it take for an add on rating?

32. Is your Online Ground School relevant in foreign countries?

33. I am a citizen of another country, can I train in the United States?

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How To Become A Helicopter Pilot

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